18-month-old left in vehicle

On Wednesday morning the Bethel Police responded to the YMCA on Grassy Plain Street to investigate a report of a child left alone in a car.

It was discovered that Madai Cervantes, 31, of Danbury had left her 18-month-old son in his car seat while she dropped of her 5-year-old child at school, police said.

At no time was the child in danger of suffering a heat related medical emergency, police said. The temperature outside was between 65 to 66 degrees, and the vehicle’s windows had been left wide open.

The child was reportedly left unattended for 18 minutes. Cervantes stated that she did not realize how much had passed while she waited for the school secretary to arrive, according to the police report.

No charges were filled against Cervantes since the child was in no immediate harm.

This indecent come less than one month after the death of 15-month-old Benjamin Seitz, who died after his father left him alone in a hot car for an extended period of time.


Skyler Magnoli