Accused child pornographer pleads not guilty

The 43-year-old Danbury man who was arrested for suspected child pornography in July, has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

John Lefflbine, was charged with prompting minor in an obscene performance and illegal possession of child pornography.

According to the affidavit, police found sexual videos and pictures of boys younger than 10-years-old on his computer. Lefflbine in a written statement said the pornographic file were unintentionally download with other computer files.

The case against John Lefflbine started in December 2013 after pictures and videos of child pornography were traced back to his home computer address, police said.

State Police executed a warrant of Leffbine’s home in February 2014. His computer and equipment were seized and after an examination of the evidence, incriminating files of suspected child pornography were found.

In the affidavit Lefflbine said, he did not use the pictures and should have deleted all of the files. Due to the number of files police filed a warrant for his arrest after examining the content of his computer and memory stick.

Lefflbine has been released from custody and is due in court Monday for a pre-trial hearing.

Skyler Magnoli