Health concerns for outdoor burning furnaces

Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) will offer a grant for residents to remove or replace their outdoor wood burning furnaces.

As part of an overall effort to address public health and environmental issues the DEEP created “Good Deals for Good Neighbors.”

The grant will fund up to $4,000 of removal costs and a total of $7,000 for residents and businesses that remove and replace their  furnaces with newer and more efficient units, DEEP said.

According to a DEEP statement, older furnaces emit wood smoke that impacts human health, especially when breathing fumes from smoke containing particulate matter.

Outdoor wood burning furnaces have risen in popularity due to the high cost of heating. However, the DEEP said, the particles from the burning wood have been linked to cardiopulmonary health impacts.

To get more information on grants go to the Good Deals for Good Neighbors webpage. Applications are being  accepted through October 31.

Skyler Magnoli