Lawsuit against Danbury Housing Authority in limbo

A lawsuit against the Danbury Housing Authority hangs in the balance of the criminal proceedings of Donny Jackson, 27, who viciously beat an elderly woman in a home invasion.

Ruth Ahearn, 86, filed a lawsuit against the Housing Authority last year after she was beaten by Jackson. Her attorney, Timothy Pothin said the lawsuit is still on going and they are waiting on discovery.

The lawsuit will not be able to go further without the resolution of the criminal matter, Pothin said.

Police said Jackson forced his way in to Ahearn’s apartment at Wooster Manor, pulled her out of bed and attacked her.

Ahearn suffered a fractured hip, concussion and a numbers cuts and bruises. It was not until neighbors heard her screams that the police were called.

According to the lawsuit, the housing authority did not put proper security measures in place and that the senior housing complex was located in a high-crime area.

Jackson was able to gain access in to the building by buzzing occupants on the intercom, who then let him in, police said.

Jackson was in court Tuesday for a pre-trial hearing. Assistant State’s Attorney Jason Jermoe said in court that DNA from the scene is still being processed. And that Ahearn would most likely not be able to identify her attacker since it was dark in her apartment and she was not wearing her glasses.

The next court date for Jackson is Sept. 11, he is being held on a $1 million bond.


Skyler Magnoli