26 Days of Kindness to Honor Sandy Hook Victims: Day 26

Day 26 – Dawn Hochsprung

The News-Times recognizes two annual observances encouraging daily acts of charity in tribute to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings of 2012. The observances began Wednesday, Nov. 18, and will continue daily through Dec. 14, the second anniversary of the shootings. Sunday’s observance is in memory of Principal Dawn Hochsprung. For more on the observances, see the Facebook pages on 26 Days of Kindness and  26 Acts of Kindness.

NEWTOWN – Last year when people picked up on Ashley Petersen’s idea to perform 26 days of kindness in tribute to the 26 kids and educators who died at Sandy Hook Elementary School, she worried the families might not like it.

“I was concerned the families might be upset by it, but then some of the families started contacting me through private messages and said they thought it was good what I was doing and they were happy with it,” said Petersen, 25, a Newtown High School graduate who attended Sandy Hook Elementary School. “So that made me feel better.”

Based on last year’s success, Petersen and her supporters are launching the second annual 26 Days of Kindness beginning Wed, Nov. 18, concluding on Dec. 14, the second anniversary of the shootings.

Each day is devoted to one of the Sandy Hook shooting victims. Each day the News-Times will recognize a person who died in the shootings as part of the tribute.

People who participate in the 26 Days of Kindness are encouraged to perform a charitable act in the spirit of that day’s person.

Petersen will curate the event on the Facebook page 26 Days of Kindness http://on.fb.me/1EXxqkn.


Rob Ryser