Stamford man faked death to avoid wedding, report says

A Stamford man faked his own death to avoid marrying an English woman he met at UConn, according to a report in the British tabloid The Daily Mail.

Tucker Blandford, 23, of Stamford, admitted in the newspaper article that he impersonated his parents and called his bride-to-be Alex Lanchester, 23, of the West Midlands in the U.K., to tell her that her fiance had committed suicide.

Understandably Lanchester was upset by the phone call, and later called Blandford’s parents back to express her condolences. They told her their son was alive and well, and that he had told them he had broken up with Lanchester.

The Daily Mail said Blandford told a reporter that he got scared and didn’t know how else to break up with Lanchester.

The two had met while studying at UConn. They were to have been married on Aug. 15.

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Christine Hall

7 Responses

  1. graham says:

    smart guy, avoiding marriage would be good advice

  2. fedup says:

    Why is this news????????

  3. graham says:

    I can’t much blame him, would’ve been better to just say, “I don’t want to marry you” but what he did at least shows some common sense!

  4. Heisenberg says:

    why is this news?

  5. ldjld says:

    Imagine being so white you actually name your son ‘Tucker’….. Could that actually happen?

  6. Ruby Begonia says:


  7. testify says:

    How is this news?