Parents of Jessica Rekos vow to live for her

Jessica Rekos’s parents, Richard and Krista, spoke to ABC’s Good Morning America Monday morning to talk about their daughter.

The video can be seen here.

Jessica, 6, died Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

“We will talk about her every day, we will live for her,” Krista Rekos told ABC News. “We will make sure her brother knows what an amazing person she was.”

Krista Rekos is a teacher at Blackham School in Bridgeport. Krista and her husband described their daughter as a “ball of fire,” who “ruled the roost,” in their house.

She loved horseback riding and wanted a horse of her own. Krista and Richard said their daughter was the “CEO” of their family.

Krista and Richard also talked about the horror that unfolded Friday at the school.

“I was running, and I kept thinking, ‘I’m coming for you honey, I’m coming,'” said Krista, pausing through tears.

Tom Cleary