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Report: Computer data may not be recoverable


An official told the New York Times that a computer taken from Adam Lanza’s house may be too badly damage to get any information from it.

FBI computer forensics techs, along with  the state forensic laboratory have been part of the recovery of data from the computer, the Times reported.

“It looked like he took steps to damage it, he smashed it, it was smashed,” the official told the Times. “It was the computer he was using. It was the hard drive and it was damaged to the point that we took a look at it and couldn’t get anything off it.”

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Tom Cleary

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  1. Ajax says:

    I find that very hard to believe. If the drive is a standard mechanical hard disk drive and the disk or disks inside are intact, the data is recoverable even if the kid did a military wipe or a format. If the disk or disks are cracked then probably not. If the drive is an SSD, if any of the chips inside are intact they are recoverable as well.