Dick’s Sporting Goods pulls guns from shelves at Danbury store

Holiday shoppers in Danbury found one glaring lack of goods Tuesday: guns at Dick’s Sporting Goods at the mall.

The outdoors corner of the sports superstore still featured bullets, bows, camouflage suits, targets, knives, vests, scopes, gun cleaners, kickback reducers and one Nerf rifle for kids, but the three walls of racks were empty.

“What’d you put them on lockdown?” an elderly man asked.

“Out of respect for the community,” the Dick’s Sporting Goods employee said. “We took them down this morning.”

Dick’s Sporting Goods said they will suspend the sales of certain semi-automatic rifles across the country.

-Tim Loh

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Tom Cleary

13 Responses

  1. Frank Kennedy says:

    What gun issue? No law is going to stop what happen. I am not deflecting anything, why can’t the gun control nuts explain how drunks in this country kill thousands on our roads and they have no problem with booze? Did we ban fertilizer and box trucks when over a 100 people and 30 children died in Oklahoma? No, and would be as stupid as trying to ban a firearm, it’s not the cause of the killing, the killer is.
    No law is going to stop the criminals, how did the drug laws work in stopping drug use? Last I knew it’s illegal and we have kids dying of ovedose daily.

    Go ahead ban the mean looking “assault weapon”. Let me ask you, how did it work in the years 1993-2004 when it was banned. Did it stop the killings? No

  2. Dicks guns says:

    Frank, I am not really sure which is more laughable–your attempt at deflecting the gun issue, or you calling yourself a “sportsman!”

  3. Proud Republican says:

    Frank Kennedy–you sir are a classic idiot. Fools like you give us conservatives a bad name in front of many. You need to learn to shut your pie hole when the time is right.

  4. Frank Kennedy says:

    First off Dicks only removed the guns out of respect I just found out, and will put them back out for sale at a later date in Danbury. The other stores removed Bushmaster style weapons, I don’t agree with anything they did here but it’s there choice. They are not going to stop selling them, it’s a major business for them as law abding sportsman spend large amount in outdoor gear and guns. More than the little bike, or golf club you new customers might spend.

    Let me ask you, did gamestop in the mall stop selling “call of duty” game this killer played all day in his windowless basement we just learned ? The same game the Colorado shooter liked to play, you have to say what is making these kids kill? We did not have these killings years ago and we had MORE access to guns. We also had mental hospitals open then, like Fairfield hills in Newtown. All closed now, and these sick people are not getting help.

  5. Teacher21 says:

    Really, Frank? Shame on them? 20 children are dead and you’re worried about the impact on your hobby? Wow.

  6. Air Force Brat says:

    Til now, I had refused to shop at Dick’s because they sold guns. I guess I’ll be giving them a lookover.

  7. carmen says:

    Good example. God bless you.

  8. John says:

    Way to take the lead Dick’s Sporting Goods. You have my business.

  9. Frank Kennedy says:

    Dicks Sporting Goods will no longer get any of my money as a sportsman. I told them that also, shame on them for pulling guns at this store.

  10. Lee says:

    So if you already own an assault rifle you can buy ammunition at Dick’s? great….

  11. Linda Haines says:

    Thank you for your sensitivity and thoughtfulness to our community. It is because of this that I will shop at your store. Please do not bring the sale of guns back to our community.

  12. Linda Haines says:

    Thank you for your sensitivity and thoughtfulness. Because of that, I will shop at your store. Please do not bring the sale of guns back to our community.

  13. connconstition says:

    We the People, are the Rightful Masters of both Congress & the Courts, not to Overthrow the Constitution, but Overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.