Newtown school locked down

Head O’Meadow School was put into a lockdown for precautionary reasons, police said.

According to NBC Connecticut, the elementary school in Newtown, was closed after the school received a threat on Tuesday, according to the superintendent.

Public schools in Newtown were scheduled to open two hours late, so no students were at school when the threat was received.

School officials said police had predicted that there might be some threats and there was one.

All staff members are safe, school officials said. Police were at the scene as a precaution before the threat was made, the station reported.

Cones are blocking off the entrance to school.

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Jim Shay

7 Responses

  1. Mr X says:

    I suggest we give all the kids/parents cameras. Let’s post the pictures of the pushy reporters via twitter or facebook

  2. FreeCountry says:

    Its time to leave Newtown to its grief and privacy. Children are being followed getting on school busses? Residents being pestered in the street. It has become a news event that feeds on itself. Now its attracting nuts from all over the country.

    Its horrific that it happened. But the front page splash of headlines needs to stop because its exploiting the victims.

    Time to let it go. The people of Newtown need their town back. Pack up the news trucks, put the cameras away. Its time to let it rest.

  3. JB says:

    WTF is wrong with these sick people. Just let our children go to school peacefully…

  4. Rosco says:

    What a bunch of jerks, hope they catch the idiot and lock him up. This crap cant go on. If i found out he would need the police to save their sorry ass’s.

  5. jsp81355 says:

    What a sick world we live in. I hope the police find the person who made the threat and that he is given a long jail sentence.

  6. JKDanbury says:

    What is wrong with people?? Let the residents of Newtown be and let them grieve and begin to heal!

  7. Erica says:

    Can’t people leave these kids alone? I think there has been enough heartache and sorrow for this town!