Bridgeport officials announce gun buyback effort

Mayor Bill Finch and Police Chief Joseph Gaudett tomorrow will announce the details of a special gun buy-back event to be held on Saturday, in an effort to get dangerous weapons off the street and out of homes.

Police will offer up to $200 in a gift card for a working handgun. People turning in rifles will receive a $75 gift card. A weapon determined to be an assault-type rifle will be eligible for a higher rate of remuneration. More details will be released at the press conference on Friday.

“Following last week’s tragedy, it has become a national priority to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals,” said Finch, a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns. “Chief Gaudett and I are encouraging City residents to turn in their guns so they don’t fall into the wrong hands.”

The department has a “no questions asked” policy that will allow people to turn in weapons anonymously without fear of being prosecuted for illegal gun possession.

There is $100,000 from city funds and private donations, to pay out for the weapons. The buyback is Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the Bridgeport Police Department Community Services Division, 1395 Sylvan Avenue in Bridgeport.

People turning in weapons must follow a precise protocol.
1. Firearms MUST be delivered unloaded;
2. Firearms MUST be put in a clear plastic bag and put into another container (gym bag, backpack, etc);
3. If depositing ammunition in addition to a firearm, ammunition must be delivered in separate bag;
4. If transporting the firearm by car, the firearm must be transported in the trunk of the car;
5. After the firearm is screened by officers and determined to be a working firearm, a gift card will be given;
6. Non-operational guns, antiques firearms, BB guns and holsters will be accepted but do not qualify for a gift card.

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Frank Juliano

3 Responses

  1. Seymour Butz says:

    This useless gesture is going to cost the taxpayers money but it won’t put more cops on the street because our political hack Mayor hates unions. Finch should resign

  2. u wish says:

    why would anyone do this? if its legit and in a safe place its not going to run out in the street and kill someone just walking by.another case of bazzaroo land .BAD GUYS DONT TURN IN GUNS stop the burglaries instead mr mayor !!.

  3. Wait. So I can turn in an illegal firearm and still get a gift card?

    I can turn in my legal firearm to make sure it doesn’t fall into ‘the wrong hands’?