Derek Jeter comforts Vicki Soto’s family

The New York Daily News reports that Derek Jeter stepped up to give a grieving mother some comfort as she mourns the loss of her daughter, 27-year-old Victoria Soto.

Soto lost her life protecting children from the gunfire of Adam Lanza during the Sandy Hook shooting—a heroic stance by a wonderful teacher, who was also a New York Yankee fan.

Soto’s funeral was yesterday in Stratford. Here’s the story on Jeter and the Soto family.

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Frank Juliano

4 Responses

  1. Summers says:

    VolleyballGod – he didn’t. I’m not a Jeter fan at all, but Vicki Soto’s little sister tweeted that he called right after it happened – and then everyone started re-tweeting it, and their friends started re-tweeting it, to the point that if you did a twitter search for “Jeter” or “Yankees”, you couldn’t help but notice.

  2. msquaredm says:

    Shouldn’t the title be Tries to Comfort? These poor people’s lives have been forever altered. I doubt a call from a baseball play will make any difference.

  3. TheVolleyballGod says:

    That is good of him, but it would be awkward and carry less meaning if he let the media know about it..