Newtown shooting inspires tribute songs

As hundreds gathered in Newtown to bury some of the 20 children killed in the Dec. 14 massacre, people from around the world have written tribute songs posted to YouTube.

Joe Ardito, a young man who lives about 30 minutes from Newtown, posted an acoustic song after realizing the principal killed, Dawn Hocksprung, lived in his same town. A group from Atlanta made a song by compiling prayers from their city.

“I have two kids around the same age in kindergarten and first grade,” Jose Archuleta said before playing his original song, “so being a parent, I really couldn’t imagine and I’m not going to pretend like I understand. But my heart goes out to you.”

Videos of three songs are below followed by links to others.

How Many More” by Sammy Baker

Even When We Cry,” by Jason Earley

Beautiful Reflection” by Athena Lau

Our Prayer” by Jenna B, Big J-Wat, and JV Moore.

Lost Children” by Selin Clayton

Hold on Connecticut” by Dubble A featuring Tiara Francois

Untitled song from “himynameisclaraxoxo”

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