Newtown shooting first day recollection (video)

As the volunteer firefighters drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School the morning of December 14, Newtown Resident Audrey Petschek didn’t know how horrific the scene was.

Many residents heard initially that only the principal was shot, and it took more than an hour for correct information to spread through the town through phone calls and text messages.

“Within two to three hours the stories started to come out of what had really happened. I think I said ‘Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God,’ more times than I’ve ever said in my life.

“I mean, it’s just beyond where you can even process.”

Watch Petschek’s recollection in video above.

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  1. Donald Carbone says:

    Broken Hearts
    Hearts Broken As Children Fall
    As Angels Beckon to One and All
    Look for Answers to tell Us Why
    That Those so Young had to Die

    What Mystery should powers be
    That Devastates All so Suddenly
    Cruel Events on this Fall Day
    That took our Loved Ones Away

    Look to Heaven with pleading Eye
    As Tears Drop from Sunny Sky
    Sorrow Fills As Souls Depart
    Taking With Them Broken Hearts