Newtown School Shooting

Updates on the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Stratford shop selling memorial t-shirts


Lenn Libby has produced a memorial t-shirt that he hopes will raise funds for the victims’ families. The $10 shirts are available at his business, Pro Line Sports and Design, 171 Bruce Avenue in Stratford. Walk-in business is brisk, he said, though the only advertising he has done is on his Facebook page.

“This has really exploded, as my Facebook friends have shared it. I’ve got bulk orders from organizations like fire departments and more than 400 (shirts) through individual sales,” said Libby, who has a 2 1/2 year old grandson. “Obviously this whole thing has hit me hard,” he said.

Libby said he plans to donate all of the proceeds from the shirts to funds supporting the victims and may contribute to a memorial for teacher Vicki Soto.

Richard Nucifora of Milford said his friend’s generosity doesn’t surprise him. “He started the day after it happened. It’s a beautiful shirt and it should help the victims.”

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  1. Jim Monroe says:

    Twenty-six persons
    Were murdered that day
    Not counting the mother
    And the son that had strayed
    A confused young man
    Rained bullets from hell
    Upon the teachers and students
    They fell… woe… they fell
    Twenty young people
    And six adults
    Five year olds
    Six year olds
    Just babies for sure
    Five year olds
    Six year olds
    No more…Lord…no more
    All the little Suns
    have set now and forever
    Neither dawns nor tomorrows
    not ever- not never
    Our hearts are all shattered
    No words could express
    With sadness so great
    who can make sense
    of this horrific event
    The laughter of children
    has come to a cruel abrupt end
    Only sounds of weeping fathers… mothers…
    sisters… brothers…and … friends…
    It will still be Christmas
    in a handful of days
    But the joy’s been diminished
    in the wickedest of ways
    So many gifts wrapped with kisses
    beneath so many decorated trees
    that will never be opened
    by the children with glee
    There can never be closure
    it’s been canceled by pain
    if tears transformed into clouds
    we’d be drowning in rain
    So please suffer not parent
    dare say it’s so hard
    take comfort and remember
    those little innocent victims
    now rest gently
    in the Kingdom of God

    little VICTIMS
    a composition dedicated to the family and friends
    of the twenty innocent schoolchildren and the six
    courageous adults slain in Newtown, Connecticut
    jim monroe
    december 15, 2012
    ©2012 Monroe