Memorials will be removed next week

Impromptu memorials to the 26 victims of the Sandy Hill Elementary School shootings will be removed next week, but will be “processed” into a permanent memorial, the Newtown Bee reports.

First Selectwoman Pat Llodra made the decision, the local weekly reports.

And while nothing has been decided about the school building itself, there have been informal, preliminary discussions about tearing it down and replacing it with a memorial park.

If that happens, Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch said, he’d like to take some of the weapons the city collected in its gun buy-back program, melt them down and bury the material on the site.

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Frank Juliano

6 Responses

  1. Mary says:

    What an insensitive and inappropriate remark! What is wrong with that man?!

  2. Mary T says:

    I think it’s sad that they are taking the memorial down. This was a horrific crime that was committed. This happened in Newtown, CT and people across the country are trying to show their love for these parents who have lost so much. You want to get back to normal but Newtown will never be normal again. It will be remembered for what happened two weeks ago. Just like New York and the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, Pennsyvania and the bombing in OKC. Acts like this wether it be terrorist or mentally ill individuals have changed the face of these towns forever. Everyone wants to console Newtown but they don’t know what to do. This could have happend in any city, town or proper in the United States.. but it happened in Newtown, CT. I truly feel they should turn the school into a memorial. This is where the children and the adults died. I think you need to talk to NYC and OK to see what they have done on their memorials. It’s a sacred place now. To this day people still put items on the fence when they come to OKC. It’s unbelievable but we know the people still care after all these years. Life does go back to a somewhat normal routine but when you travel down that road it will hit you everytime. Our hearts and prayers have been with all of you.

  3. pink says:

    WTF? R u serious???

  4. Norm C says:

    Because Mayor Finch has shown time and again that he is the dimmest bulb on the tree. Stay in Bridgeport Bill.

  5. Politics says:

    I think it’s disgraceful that bridgeports mayor would desecrate such a sacred place and try to interject politics into that site. Shame on Bill Finch DISGRACEFUL.

  6. JP says:

    What would make a Mayor want to bury the metal from GUNS at a memorial site dedicated to the victims of a tragic assault rifle massacre?

    Please keep the remains of your guns in Bridgeport, Mr Mayor!