Report: Lanza motivated by Norway massacre

CBS News is reporting that Adam Lanza felt compelled to kill more people than a Norwegian who killed 77 people in 2011.

The report cites two unnamed sources said to be briefed on the investigation of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School and reveals what investigators may believe was Lanza’s motive.

The sources say Lanza was obsessed with Anders Breivik, a far-right militant who killed 77 people in Norway in July 2011, and that Lanza was determined to top Breivik’s death toll.

Lanza, who killed 26 people at the Newtown school, chose the location because it was an easy target, according to the report.

The sources also say investigators believe Lanza was acting out video game fantasies.

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Mike DeSalvo

3 Responses

  1. 27Reasons says:

    “Sources” eh….. Because all of MSM’s sources have been right on thus far, right? GIVE ME A BREAK! just more disinformation for the sheople to soak up.

  2. ross says:

    And now he’s wallowing in hell for all eternity……….

  3. Marshall M. says:

    So Lanza did talk to someone in the pat two years….curiouser and curiouser.