Gun bill details at a glance

The nation’s toughest gun control legislation would:

  • Take effect upon the signature of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, banning the sale of more than 100 types of military-style rifles, based on their having detachable magazines and one other characteristic, such as a pistol grip. They would join the state’s 20-year-old assault weapons ban.
  • Raise the age requirement to buy a rifle to 21 from 18 years of age.
  • Allow those who possess ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 bullets to retain them, but to register them with State Police by Jan. 1.
  • Those who don’t register by then could be liable for an infraction citation, or up to a year in prison if discovered in connection with other crimes. Large-capacity magazines would be limited to 10 bullets, even at shooting ranges or in homes.
  • In cases of private gun sales, a buyer would need an eligibility permit from the state, issued after a criminal background check. Both the seller and the buyer would go to a licensed gun dealer, who for about $20, would contact state police to confirm that the buyer was eligible.

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If you were a legislator would you vote for the new gun law?

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Jim Shay

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  2. Scott says:

    RE: ” It also creates a new revenue stream for the politicians (registration fees).” Government needs to add revenue in order to address the mental health aspect of all this, in order to strengthen school security measures and better prepare educators and school personnel, and in order to help keep police departments staffed and trained.

    The American way is not free and easy. It never was and never will be.

  3. Scott says:

    Jeebo: “Evil exists, get used to it” is not an argument. By that reasoning why bother having any laws? If you want to shoot guns so much, join the military.

  4. Che Guevara says:

    Would this law have prevented the Newtown shooting? Unlikely.

    Will it prevent future mass shootings? Unlikely.

  5. John says:

    What this legislation DOES do is allow politicians to say to the public, “Look! I’ve done something!” It also creates a new revenue stream for the politicians (registration fees). [The Hartford insurance companies tried to create a windfall for themselves by inserting a provision requiring gun owners to carry liability insurance, but this provision was reportedly dropped.] The legislation also creates a new class of criminal: those gun owners who don’t register their weapons. I’m sure there’ll be other unintended consequences, as happens with all bad legislation.

  6. Jeebo says:

    Nick –
    You are such a dick! NONE of the provisions of this ridiculous legislation would inhibit another Sandy Hook type tragedy. Evil exists – get used to it and be prepared.
    I am. The ban be damned!

  7. Scott says:

    Dear Ronal Reagan,

    When something goes drastically wrong, something many found inconceivable, it is perfectly reasonable to consider if the rules, in this case the laws, regarding said incident need to be strengthened in order to HELP prevent (not guarantee to prevent) another such incident.

    Saying “There is no need for more laws” does not make it so. At least put forth an argument. Or were you just trolling?

  8. Scott says:

    Chey and others: You can’t just look at the raw numbers. You have to control for factors such as population density. As I said, there have been multiple reports now which link weak gun laws (in our country; we’re not debating Sweden’s laws here, totally different culture) to gun violence. I’ll grant you that these might not be conclusive, but, again, I prefer our government err on the side of protecting lives rather than fostering your enjoyment of assault weapons. Plus I gave you at least a link to one of the multiple reports backing me up; you guys have given me nothing but anecdote and fallacious appeals to the constitution, but hey, at least there were no ad hominems thrown my way.

  9. Dan says:


  10. Hartford Insider says:

    Cheyenne — I don’t understand why you posted that link to County Don Smith’s website. Sheriff Smith’s letter to the Governor contains absolutely nothing that supports your claim that “…80% of the NY Counties already passed a law that they will arrest ANYONE who tries to enforce the new gun laws.” Either back up your claims or admit you were blowing smoke out your arse.

  11. Dan says:

    I find that those who do not want to practice their rights are afraid of the right. You can put a loaded AR-15 on a table and leave fit there 24-7 365 days and its not going to kill anybody. Interestingly enough it takes the person to pull the trigger to fire the bullet that kills the person. Remember, the key part to the 2nd amendment is, the right to bear arms shall NOT BE INFRINGED!! As George Washington once said, “those who are willing to give up their arms, are willing to give up their freedom”. The laws are fine the way they are. This whole gun issue is a way to turn a profit for these politicians and government. You notice how they are going to have costs for everything. You should not have to be twenty one to buy a rifle, 18 is perfect. It’s not the responsible law abiding citizen thats the problem, its the criminal thats the problem. The only thing this legislation is going to do, is turn law abiding citizens into criminals. Thats it, the end. Its gone too far, and is just a political way for politicians to gain popularity and votes. They don’t realize how close to another civil war there could be.

  12. Hartford Insider says:

    It’s called commuting. Work in Hartford. Live in Putnam. Hadn’t that occurred to you? Really?

  13. graham says:

    Look at the cities with the toughest gun laws.
    Now look at the crime in these cities, and how that crime is escalating.
    Sandy Hook made me cry for a week, terrible terrible horror, can not imagine the pain and agony, but, just as I am in no way responsible for the tens of thousands of lives ruined and lost in CT alone from Meth labs and users, and should not be penalized by having to show my ID when I need cold meds, 99.999% of legal gun owners have never harmed anyone and thus should also not be penalized for the psycho and the weak minded family who ignored a real danger under their own roof.
    Don’t make me responsible for the stupidity and lousy upbringing of another, that’s not what the USA is about, that’s what the Old Soviet Union is about, comrade

  14. john says:

    Jim you have guns and say if you cant shot someone with 10 rounds you are stupid. I am military and you are the idiot. If you can hit a moving target coming at you with only 1 or 9 bullets and make sure they stop and/or dead you should be a sniper. You obviously never shot a moving target. What an idiot you are. Why not limit cops guns to 10 rounds then. They shouldnt need more than that according to you.

  15. roy says:

    We now have a Connecticut Communist Party. Heil Hitler!!!

  16. graham says:

    OH BOY “NICK” I sure hope I know you when you can eat your words brother.
    You must be so young.
    Study world history and then come back and stand by your words of hate for the USA.
    You have much to learn,

  17. graham says:

    I’ve never seen so many unconstituional laws that Malloy wants to create.
    I’m not much of a gun owner, but if any of these go through, I am ready to relocate to another state, a state that respects our Constitution.
    Already we are grossly overtaxed here, lousey weather, what’s the point, 4th generation, I’m sooooo redy to leave CT forever, and I know several dozen other families that feel the same.

  18. Len says:

    A ban on semi auto magic weapons is stupid. I believe almost all weapon are semi automatic. There are very few single load single shot guns out there. Remember semi automatic when fired ejects spent case and reloads making ready to fire. It wont fire until you squeeze the trigger again. So like a six shooter you squeeze the trigger 6 times six shots then reload. What is the issue with semi automatic weapons.

  19. Joseph Yacapraro says:

    All of these measures are clearly unconstitutional, and are a waste of time as far as preventing evil people from doing evil things. Abolish so called “Gun Free Zones”, which only serve as an open invitation for evil doers to come there and commit thier evil deeds. The only way to overcome any evil force is by the use of an overwhelming force. Arm and train the intended victims to defend themselves if need be, or provide armed police protection at the schools. Sheriffs could deputize and train available volunteers from the community, Fathers, Mothers,Aunts,Uncles or whomever. Create the Posse as Sheriff Joe Arpiao in Arizona has done. We the People have the God given unalienable right, responsibility and duty to defend ourselves. Politicians, merely by virtue of thier office, do not have the. We do, and we must not relinquish them under any misguided attempt to curb crime.

  20. Steve says:

    This is in response to Nick. You say all semi automatic weapons should be banned. That is all weapons. Ar15 is the same as a hunting rifle. It is not what any military in the world uses. Semi auto is what every gun has been since early 1900s. You are thinking automatic machine guns. That are illegal already.

  21. P.J.Reilly says:

    What a great idea, why not let the PEOPLE (you know the ones who the politicians are SUPPOSED to represent)Vote on your mindless gun plan.

  22. Mike says:

    “Joel says:
    April 3, 2013 at 3:14 pm

    Glad I never moved to CT, NY or back to NJ. I refuse to spend another dime in any of these states, including mail order.”

    I’m sure your state has a Wal-Mart

  23. Ronald Regan says:

    The Sandyhook incident was horrible. However,everthing that happened there was already illegal. There is no need for more laws.

  24. Cheyenne says:

    Hey Hartford, If you’re a Putnam County Resident why are you Hartford insider? Here’s a link for you.

  25. Hartford Insider says:

    Cheyenne, I am a lifelong resident of Putnam County and I’ve know Don Smith personally and professionally for more than 40 years! What you posted isn’t true! Not one county in NYS has passed legislation saying that they would “arrest anyone who tries to enforce the new gun laws.” Many counties (including Putnam) have, however, passed legislation that says, in essence, “Cuomo, we don’t like your bill. We think it was passed too quickly. We think it doesn’t have enough detail here or there.” I have perused the data at (a pro gun lobby group keeping track of NY State gun issues) and have not found a single county that has legislated to “arrest anyone who tries to enforce the new gun laws.” Not one. That’s a significant and meaningful difference from what you claimed was happening.

  26. Nick says:

    You’re all mouth pieces for the gun industry. That’s all this is about. And you don’t even realize it.

    To legally obtain any type of firearm, a person should have to go through the same process that is required for handguns. Put rifles, shotguns and handguns all in the same pot.

    Any type of assault rifle or semi-automatic weapon should be banned.

    Have a required buy-back program that lasts 3 years and put in place penalties for people who do not abide.

    Mandatory background checks for all gun purchases.

    We live in 2013, not 1885. You’re never going to get your ol’ glorious days back. Face it. And our military is not going to turn on us and we’ll find ourselves without weapons! AND ALSO, the Walking Dead is a TV show. There is not going to be a zombie apocalypse!! I know that in the back of your minds you paranoid morons are thinking that.

  27. Nick says:


    Yeah well, some were friends and some weren’t. But for the most part, friend or not, they were those law abiding citizens who were exercising their 2nd amendment rights. People who do so, tend to be the ones I worry about.

    Also, we lost 26 people in the Newtown tragedy.

    I know it must feel intellectually stimulating to compare traffic deaths to people being gunned down but I don’t think your comparison is valid. And I had a very good friend who was killed by a drunk driver who was additionally high on Oxycotin.

    There are strict laws in place for DUI and there should be harsher ones. Cars should have interlock devices. Cars should also have lights on the bumper that indicate when a driver isn’t wearing their seat belts!

    But we’re talking about guns dude! Not that shit! People just want to sit around and let things go. You’re nuts!

    VW says:
    April 3, 2013 at 12:29 pm

    Nick – Firstly, you should get better friends. Sedondly, 100 people are killed by cars every day. 23 died in Newtown. We would save 4 times that many EVERY DAY if we outlawed cars. Who needs a car? We could all take the bus, saving lives and the environment at the same time. Sure, it is all drinking and driving until someone you know is killed by a car.

  28. Cheyenne says:

    Hartford insider, I hate to tell you this but 80% of the NY Counties already passed a law that they will arrest ANYONE who tries to enforce the new gun laws. I have a letter written by the President of the Sheriff’s Union who is the Sheriff of Putnam County, telling them they will do what ever is in their power to arrest anyone including FED’s who try and enforce it. Their laws are losing power.
    BUT Hey… good luck with that.

  29. Bob says:

    This bill does nothing to stop gun violence. It will have no effect. Banning militarily features stops gun violence how?A pistol grip, bayonet lug or flash hider have nothing to do with how deadly a weapon is.

  30. Al-Logic says:

    It is easy for the unaffected to offer up the rights of others, right to gay marriage, right to drink, right to smoke, right to religion, right to drive a 10 mpg truck around, own a text messaging phone, right to vote, speak your mind, order a large sugar laden soft-drink. All rights need to be protected, the constitution needs to be preserved, and the Bill of rights should decide all matters, not political careers or the freak show of the week. Fight to Freedom, and Punish the Wicked. Then and only then, will justice be served. The rest of you need to study history of civilizations, start with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and work back. When you’re done with that, study the LA Riots…

  31. Jim says:

    I have some weapons that would be banned, If you can’t hit what your aiming at with a 10 round clip. Then your too stupid to own a gun.

  32. Joel says:

    Glad I never moved to CT, NY or back to NJ. I refuse to spend another dime in any of these states, including mail order.

  33. Gary S says:

    I agree with many of the comments above me. Laws are only obeyed by the honest not people bent on evil. Feel Good Legislation does nothing to stop crime. If so Heroin would be gone from our society. But it is still prevalent. Why? Because criminals do not obey laws. Same with firearms. If our politicians think differently maybe we need honest clearer thinking politicians.

  34. Hartford Insider says:

    This is going to pass, overwhelmingly. Trust me. There’s not a chance it will fail. A close friend is there right now, a senator, and there is strong bipartisan support. Nobody in Hartford is even questioning the fact that it will pass. THANK YOU FOR DOING THE RIGHT THING!!!! THIS BILL IS COMPREHENSIVE AND STRONG!!!! WE ARE LEADING THE WAY, ALONG WITH NEW YORK, TO SHOW HOW TO MAKE OUR WORLD SAFE FROM GUN VIOLENCE!

  35. Lou says:

    As others have stated, these new laws would not have changed what happened on that tragic day in Newtown. All these new laws will do is make us Law abiding individuals have to obey even more laws in order to enjoy the sport we enjoy. Yes, living nearby, our family also knew some of the victims, and has seen the trauma felt by the families. Anti-gun supporters blame the guns, but yet in our society, we let individuals who have no feelings or compassion for the life of another, continue to do as they please without any supervision. Even just recently, a father, yes a father, killed his own 3 little girls, and now is pleading insanity as a defense. He, like in the Newtown tragedy planned for the outcome. Now the law will protect him from a just punishment. What has our society become when criminals are protected and law abiding citizens are not?

  36. VW says:

    West Virginia has some of the weakest gun laws and some of the lowest rates of gun violence. Russia and Brazil both have strong gun laws like Japan and gun violence rates worse than ours. There is NO corrilation between gun laws, gun ownership and gun violence. 50% of all gun deaths are suicide. Every citizen of Switzerland owns a gun and their rate of gun violence is almost as low as Japans. Canada has gun laws similar to ours and there gun violence rate is close to japans.

  37. Dan says:

    @ Val G: You should not have an opinion on this matter because you do not even understand the topic of discussion. There is no such thing as a “100 magazine clip”….End of story. There are “magazines” and some people incorrectly refer to them as “clips”…Either way they do not typically hold “100” of anything…You may be referring to the 100 round drum magazines, which are basically a novelty item and notorious for jamming…Please do everyone a favor and educate yourself before giving your 2 cents