Newtown School Shooting

Updates on the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Senate approves historic gun-control bill 26-10

Elected official Political Party District VOTE
Ayala Jr., Andres Democrat Senate 23 Yes
Bartolomeo, Dant Democrat Senate 13 Yes
Boucher, Toni Republican Senate 26 Yes
Bye, Beth Democrat Senate 5 Yes
Cassano, Steve Democrat Senate 4 Yes
Chapin, Clark, J Republican Senate 30 No
Coleman, Eric D. Democrat Senate 2 Yes
Crisco, Joseph J. Democrat Senate 17 Yes
Doyle, Paul R. Democrat Senate 9 Yes
Duff, Bob Democrat Senate 25 Yes
Fasano, Leonard A. Republican Senate 34 Yes
Fonfara, John W. Democrat Senate 1 Yes
Frantz, Scott, L. Republican Senate 36 Yes
Gerratana, Terry B. Democrat Senate 6 Yes
Guglielmo, Anthony Republican Senate 35 No
Harp, Toni Democrat Senate 10 Yes
Hartley, Joan V. Democrat Senate 15 Yes
Kane, Robert, J. Republican Senate 32 No
Kelly, Kevin, C. Republican Senate 21 Yes
Kissel, John A. Republican Senate 7 No
LeBeau, Gary D. Democrat Senate 3 Yes
Leone, Carlo Democrat Senate 27 Yes
Linares, Art Republican Senate 33 No
Looney, Martin M. Democrat Senate 11 Yes
Markley, Joe Republican Senate 16 No
Maynard, Andrew M. Democrat Senate 18 No
McKinney, John Republican Senate 28 Yes
McLachlan, Michael A. Republican Senate 24 Yes
Meyer, Edward Democrat Senate 12 Yes
Musto, Anthony J. Democrat Senate 22 Yes
Osten, Catherine A. Democrat Senate 19 No
Slossberg, Gayle S. Democrat Senate 14 Yes
Stillman, Andrea L. Democrat Senate 20 Yes
Welch, Jason C. Republican Senate 31 No
Williams, Donald E. Democrat Senate 29 Yes
Witkos, Kevin D. Republican Senate 8 No
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Jeff Bustraan

2 Responses

  1. Ed says:

    I sure hope Kevin Kelly has a day job for his families sake. I haven’t voted in years but I will campaign against him relentlessly between now and election day.

  2. No one important says:

    Looks like we know who not to vote for come election time