Offering comfort

Last night the president of the US visited Newtown and comforted a grieving community… telling them they are not alone. This morning the CEO of Hearst, Frank Bennack, visited our newsrooms. He wanted to recognize and acknowledge all the local journalists who are working so hard to get information out to CT communities to help them heal and to share with the world what Newtown needs during this unspeakable time. He let these reporters/editors know that they too are not alone. Counseling is available, etc…More staff is being assigned to help them out. He also shared the news for those who did not yet know that an employee at our sister paper the Danbury News Times lost her 30 year old daughter, a teacher, in the horrific tragedy in Newtown. I have not personally had to report on the devastating tragedy that unfolded in Newtown yet, but many of my colleagues have. I, like Frank, am very proud of them and humbled by what they are doing. And after being in the presence of the president of Hearst, who came all the way from NYC to be with “members of the Hearst family” because he couldnt imagine being anywhere else, i have never been so proud to be a journalist and grateful to be a part of Hearst, the Norwalk Citizen, the CT Post, the Advocate, the Greenwich Time, and the Danbury News Times.