Keeping my hopes and expectations high

So I just finished writing my last blog of the week, which will run Sunday. It feels good to have a weekend to rest my brain.

Reporters are supposed to remain detached from stories. You write the facts. Columnists are not good if they are not immersed in the subject they are writing about. If they don’t care.

Well caring takes a lot out of you. Especially if you are a worrier, perfectionist and a person who truly care about how other people think and feel. I am all three.

I know people like Jennifer Frazier, “Rell,” and Juan Hernandez. I can relate to them personally in so many ways. These stories matter — whether you agree with my take on an issue (like most people did with the first two columns) or think I am an angry, anti-American idiot (like some people did with the last column).

I just want to assure people that although I’ve started out with some hard-hitting news, I do know how to be funny and I do know about compassion. You will hopefully see these qualities often in my column.

What you won’t see is a story that doesn’t matter. Because I truly and honestly believe that every person’s story does. This is a country with people of all races, shapes, colors, temperaments, ideals and morals. And the concerns, fears, tribulations, dreams and achievements of every single one of them matter.

I truly believe that. If you do too, we will have a good ride together. If you don’t, join the conversation anyway.


Keila Torres Ocasio