Stand up Bridgeport and don’t you dare sit down again!

Guns have invaded our city and now the idiots holding them are using them to shoot in broad daylight and place our children at risk, for just BEING HERE. Not at night, not after a soon-to-be-established curfew.

During the day. In broad daylight. Crossing the street.

Like the three-year-old girl who was shot yesterday on Maplewood Avenue in Bridgeport.

Our babies! Can you believe it?

They’re shooting our babies!

Fourteen-year-old Justin Thompson was shot in January. People shouted, rallied and got angry. But alas as usual, the dust settled.

We can’t let that happen again.

Bridgeport, stand up! And don’t you, don’t I, don’t WE, dare sit down again! Let’s kick up a dust storm and not let the dust settle until WE take back our city!

What are you going to do to stop the violence and shootings once and for all?

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Keila Torres Ocasio

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  1. Keila Torres Ocasio says:

    Check out my column in tomorrow’s paper. You took the words right out of my mouth. See something? Say something!

  2. Erasmo Torres says:

    The thugs of bridgeport are doing exactly what they want because the police allow it. If the police were to put their feet down and dont accept ANY STUPIDITY , things would be different in Bridgeport. We all know they want to get home safe to their families at the end of the night, and we hope they make it there.But parking their patrol cars in certain areas all day, and doing their daily chores while working seem to be the trend. Question, why is it when you call for an officer you have to wait close to an hour, then 3 to 4 cop cars show up ?????

  3. AllforOne says:

    Are you tired of seeing sexually-oriented businesses cropping up all over CT and wondering what can be done about it? Are you afraid to walk or drive by a strip-club for fear of being caught in a parking lot melee or worse, finding yourself in the middle of a gun-fight? Worried that one or more of these establishments will open in your neighborhood and what that might do you to your property values? Ever wonder about what kind of human rights abuses are going on inside one of these establishments?

    It’s time, Connecticut, to do something about these “businesses.”

    The first of two (2) bills pending at the CT State legislature will make it a CRIME to employ unlicensed massage therapists and will further tighten regulations on illegal massage establishments. The second bill will provide greater protections to municipalities and the state when abating public nuisances such as those found at the state’s strip clubs.

    Please sign the attached petition and it will be routed to your representatives at the State legislature. Let your VOICE BE HEARD that Connecticut’s residents want NO PART of supporting these illicit and harmful establishments. Sign the petition supporting HB 5455 (Illegal Massage) and HB 5489 (Nuisance Abatement):

  4. enough says:

    Keila, your points are right on! Yes, the police/city administration has to be a part of the solution, but the effort has to start at the ground level.
    If you see something, say something.
    Stop protecting these animals.
    The people know who the gang members are, who is dealing drugs, etc. Help the police help you!
    I don’t live in Bpt. and you are absolutely right about your assumption, when my neighbors or I see something that isn’t quite right, we make phone calls.
    It is easy for people to sit around and blame others for their woes, but enough is enough. time to take back your city! Innocent people, children, are getting hurt.

  5. Keila Torres Ocasio says:

    Thanks for the comments. I agree that the city’s leadership needs to be more active in curbing the violence but I don’t agree that it is up to them. Mayor Bill Finch doesn’t live in my neighborhood. I do.

    If I see my neighbor doing something and I don’t report it to the police, how on earth are they going to be able to do something about it? I feel like people have become so afraid of these criminals that they are allowing them to get away with us and then we say we’re “minding our own business.” But, my street is my business and my child having a safe place to play and run and cross a street is my business.

    I’m sure in safer places like Fairfield and Trumbull, residents don’t stay quiet when they see something. They complain. They call up the mayor’s office. They call police to report any unusual activity.

    And even if you can convince me that it is entirely up to the mayor and police to turn this city around, can we really afford to wait for them to figure out a way to do that?

  6. Fed UP says:

    For one thing this paper keeps supporting the idiots that run this city every election. My question what is the Post going to do…They have stood by and given our city’s mayor and city council a free pass while they do NOTHING!

  7. Christina Correa says:

    As a parent it breaks my heart knowing that our streets are not safe for our children to play a game of ball, ride their bikes or even walk to and from school. It’s easy to stand up in the moment of outrage and disgust to name numerous suggestions on how to control the violence in our city but not many will follow through. I feel a big part of the issue stems back to your blog with their not being enough for children to do in our community. Most issues are not generated overnight, and these gangs are not being created overnight. The problems are in the lifestyle and way of thinking. The life many people choose to live has a lot to do with the morals and values they are raised with. There is a difference between the streets raising a baby and the community raising a baby. If our children can be raised with a better background we give them a better shot of being someone they can be proud of.

  8. Fed up homeowner in bpt says:

    Keila I feel what you are saying BUT how can we take back the city when the city’s leadership is not held accountable to how we are being “protected”. Instead of raising taxes and mill rate for us already law abiding homeowners Mayor Finch and his contigancy need to look back at how NYC made such a dramatic change for the better by focusing on crime and quality of life issues that are plaguing the city. The police through my own experience of being a victim will outright tell you and I quote “THIS IS BRIDGEPORT…..WHAT DO YOU EXPECT??? THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO????? When you have men and woman in the trenches of Bridgeport’s streets that hold this attitude, this can only show the extreme magnitude of the challenge WE THE PEOPLE have with taking back our streets without help from those who should be there for us. Until we vote in the proper leaders who will get this simple concept we will always be prisoners within our own community. I will be leaving this city as soon as I am able because I do not want my daughter (who is 2yrs old) to be be a victim to this waste of a city. I regret buying a home here 4 years ago because with all of the property tax I pay every year absolutely does nothing for me and my family’s safety.