Parent 2 Parent: Start ‘snitching’ & caring for your kids

Hi all, so even though I hadn’t planned on it my first few weeks on the column gig have been dominated by the Bridgeport crime beat. Crime, shootings to be exact, have taken a hold of Bridgeport this year and the feeling I’m getting from people on the city’s streets is that it’s hard to see an end in sight.

There was a “Stop the Violence” rally last night on the city’s West Side and some of the more compelling stories were those of the mothers who had lost their teenagers on this city’s streets. Above is Martha Horton, whose 19-year-old son Dexter Hill Jr. was killed in his home almost four years ago.

Horton still remembers running all the way home when she got the phone call. Her son’s kids are now 3 years old and the shooting of the little girl last week rocked her to the core. Her grandchildren used to live nearby. Her son’s homicide turned into a cold case because even though there were lots of people around, no one was willing to talk. Snitches get stitches they say. And apparently mothers get no justice.

Check out the video and check out my column in tomorrow’s Connecticut Post for the reaction of several teenagers to the call of action by the community at the rally.

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Keila Torres Ocasio