Join the movement to #StopTheViolenceInBPT

My brother @CityyTowers has started a Twitter movement! He created the #StopTheViolenceInBPT hashtag and it’s trending big time! Check it out by visiting Twitter and searching the hashtag to see comments from people of all ages tired of the violence in Bridgeport.

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Keila Torres Ocasio

3 Responses

  1. Wendy irizarry says:

    I dont think the violence will stop here in bpt,ct its gotten outta hand we the people need to continue to do stop the violence walk were its most needed to manny people has gotten hurt this needs to stop.. I,missed the first violence walk lets do it again. My best friend was shot in a home invasion almost one year ago
    i wanna do it for her.. Rest In Paradise luz morales luv u always

  2. dannes says:

    Politics and Jobs that left the city teared Bridgeport apart look what happen in late 1970s into 80’s

  3. dannes says:

    It won’t stop violence anywhere.