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: January, 2010

Caloric calamity.

Taco Bell is trying to prove it cares about your health. The company introduced the “Drive-Thru Diet,” recommending healthier choices from their menu (which makes some good substitutions to the

A date with a camera.

Valentine’s Day is coming, so here’s something relating to dating profiles on Web sites that might give you a better shot of meeting someone: oktrends, the official okcupid blog, shared the results of

Relentless Monopoly innovation.

Alright, Hasbro, we get it. Monopoly is one of the best-selling board games of all time, but everyone’s got a copy by now. In fact, everyone’s probably got multiple copies right now, thanks to the
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EBook reader: Apple’s iPad vs. Amazon’s Kindle.

One thing that initially caught my ear during yesterday’s iPad announcement was the iBooks service, which of course brings into question whether the Kindle is in danger. Some were saying so yesterday,

Apple’s big announcement: the iPad. (Updated)

It’s an iPad. After all the rumors and speculation, it largely has proven to be what people expected – a larger form factor than an iPhone, no keyboard, flat, thin, and gorgeous. It has the iPhone
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Truck, bus drivers banned from texting nationwide.

It’s a no-brainer, but Gizmodo’s Sean Fallon notes that today begins a nationwide text message ban for bus and truck drivers. It’s scary enough when you see people distracted by a cell phone in their
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Rumor mill: iPhone going to all carriers?

Dwight Silverman links to an article at the Tech Blog that the iPhone might not only be losing its exclusivity from AT&T this year (and possibly even Wednesday), but there may be a gameplan to
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Kindle books do big business… when they’re free?

The New York Times had an interesting story this weekend about how many of its Kindle “top sellers” are actually free books, including some material in the public domain, but largely freebies given

DVD/Blu-Ray hybrid finally makes the choice easier.

One of the challenges of fully embracing Blu-Ray movies is most of us, if we’re lucky to have a Blu-Ray player, still have multiple DVD players. The Blu-Ray player can play DVDs, but so can our
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Another computer-generated masterpiece.

Lots of discussion has been generated by the effects and production values of Avatar, but it’s not the only example of amazing work done by those making movies large and small. This has been out there