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Monthly Archive for February, 2010

: February, 2010

People’s upgrade updates.

Since People’s United Bank upgraded their site, I’ve heard from a lot of you via the previous entries, talking about the good, the bad and the indifferent. The Post heard from enough people that

Pandora’s sales prowess.

Amazingly, in the over 100 posts I’ve written in the past thirteen months on The Buzz, I haven’t made mention yet of one of my favorite online music sources, Pandora. Taking songs or artists you input
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10 billion digital songs downloaded.

Apple has reached its latest milestone this week: the 10-billionth song has been downloaded from the iTunes Music Store. Apple has also released a list of the top 20 songs in terms of downloads since
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Something for nothing: exercise edition.

I always am a sucker for these sort of things, but a woman has started a blog showcasing her attempts to try to exercise for a year without paying for a membership. On the plus side, she has the
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Sounds like a good idea.

Sometimes, the simplest technology and innovation can make the biggest difference. Although not a new innovation, a recent situation reminded me of something I’ve thought was awesome for quite some
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Denny’s Twitter mix-up.

Happy Monday!  Here’s a quick post to get the week started on a light note: Denny’s doesn’t know it’s own Twitter handle.  In fact, it hasn’t known it for months, as on its menus it has been
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Hulu may be subscription on the iPad.

I’ve talked here before both on subscriptions and how they’ve proliferated on the Web, and Hulu’s likely paywall addition as part of the rumor mill. Now, another plus/minus sort of rumor: Hulu may be
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Cablevision asks: What’s the value of a network?

In light of the recent battle with Scripps networks over carriage fees for their two networks, HGTV and Food Network, Cablevision is turning to its customers, asking questions to determine what they
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Netflix is down. (UPDATE: It’s back.)

UPDATED at 10:45 p.m. when confirmed the site was back up. This evening, Netflix’s site is down, with a notice posted stating that they are still processing DVDs, but given that Netflix is moving
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Photoshop Faux Pas.

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s something a little on the light side, as a way to celebrate Photoshop’s 20th anniversary. Here’s a Web site that collects some of the more blatant Photoshop mistakes made