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Get a leg up on what to read next.

If you’re an avid reader like I am, you sometimes find that locating your next book can be a little challenging if you don’t have a clear direction. The Kindle’s new social media options might help, especially if other products, like the iPad, pick up on the idea. Amazon’s recommendation engine has been useful to me in the past as well. However, other sites are cropping up offering some help as well.

YourNextRead lets you register and enter books you’ve read recently, to get recommendations of other books you may like. It crowdsources data, just as Amazon does, but unlike Amazon it factors in a user’s rankings, not just purchase patterns. This makes it easier to know if another book in a similar vain will be as enjoyable as the one you’ve just read. You can also thumb up or down a recommendation to help improve the service for the next reader.

After playing with the tool for a bit, I’ve found a number of things that I like: the ability to see 8-10 recommendations is great, as it offers enough variety that at least one or two options seem enticing. The thumbs up/down feature helps get rid of options you don’t like, and keep track of ones you do, which of course just makes the recommendations better. It’s also very in-the-now with the “like/dislike” style that’s becoming all the rage, and of course it has the practically-required Amazon link-up so you can get the books right away.

Overall, it’s a nice, simple service. The only trouble I had was the site was occasionally unresponsive; I suspect some recent press is taxing them a bit, so expect an occasional hiccup if you’re trying out the service in the near future.

SOURCE: Your Next Read via Lifehacker

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  1. Mark says:

    Josh, thanks for featuring YourNextRead. We have recently launched and thought you might be interested… Let us know what you think