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Is Milford most aggressive in setting speed traps?

Greenwich Patrolman Scott Johnson uses a laser gun to determine how fast a vehicle is going in this January, 2009 photo. His unmarked car is also equipped with radar. Helen Neafsey/staff photographer

The Internet allows the power of the people to pool knowledge together in some interesting ways. Sure, there’s sites like Wikipedia and Gas Buddy, but what about putting that power to point out common speed trap locations?

That’s exactly the mission of The National Speed Trap Exchange, and the National Motorists Association, which maintains the site, has now released the municipalities in each state that have the most user-reported speed traps, as well as the towns with under 100,000 population that have the most user-reported traps. In Connecticut, it turns out that’s Milford.

That doesn’t necessarily mean Milford is the most aggressive; the fact that there’s two major highways and a regional mall there, along with all the businesses on Rte. 1, definitely bolsters the case, but in the end we’re talking user-reported data, and that could just mean Milford residents are simply wiser to the usefulness of the site than those in other locations statewide.

The database seems to have quite a few entries in it, although even for a city like Bridgeport, you get into much older data by page 2 or 3. It’s worth a look though.

SOURCE: National Motorists Association via Consumerist

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