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First 4G service gets closer to Connecticut; testing begins?

Clearwire has announced that 4G service is becoming intermittently available in New York, which bodes well for the company’s expansion into Connecticut somewhat soon.

As reported here earlier this year, the company has already sought permission to install antenna locations throughout southern Connecticut, and the company (which markets itself as Clear) has the New Haven and Hartford metro areas listed as future coverage areas.

4G service is available in Boston, Providence and Philadelphia, and with New York on the way, it makes sense that Connecticut would remain a high priority, given the amount of business and traffic in the Washington to Hartford corridor. The company’s services are also advertised as Sprint’s 4G networks for devices like the HTC Evo and the new Samsung Epic.

The Buzz has received a report from a colleague who has an Evo, stating that he briefly saw 4G light up on his phone in New Haven. If that is indeed true and testing has begun, we could have another high-speed internet option in the area quite soon.

Meanwhile, Verizon and AT&T are promising an aggressive rollout of LTE, a competitor to Clear’s WiMAX technology. Clearwire has also begun LTE testing.

SOURCES: Clearwire, CNet, Phone Scoop

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  1. Danny says:

    Read this and gave it a shot on my Evo 4g and got one bar of 4g and it was fast. I’m in Hartford,Ct.