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Yearly Archive for 2010

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Infographic: How Google acquired its ancillary empire.

Google is most famous for two in-house products, its search and AdSense products, but they’ve acquired a lot of talent and technology along the way to both bolster those two core products, but add a

Google’s real-time search experiment.

Search engines are great for finding out data, but they can lag when breaking news happens. After all, they have to index data before they can actually provide results to it. Google has released its
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What’s included in Hulu Plus?

Now that the beta for Hulu Plus is live and charging people for access to more video, what does that mean for your $10 per month, at least for now? It means you can get more shows, but more
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iTunes Readies TV Show Rentals.

It is not surprising that Apple continues to dabble in media, given their success via the iTunes Store in the music, movie and TV space with downloadable content. They’ve also offered movie rentals as
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UPDATED: Chatroulette taken offline; new version coming?

The service Chatroulette, which connected two random people with webcams and gained notoriety in the mainstream media, has gone offline, with a note saying a new version of the site will be launched

Dimensions puts perspective on historical incidents.

If the Chernobyl accident happened in New York City, how much of the U.S. would the toxic cloud that resulted cover? This and numerous other “what-if” scenarios help offer perspective to a number of

Infographic: The kids are texting, alright.

A co-worker the other day thanked me for advice I gave when I was still selling wireless phones. She asked about a text messaging plan for kids, and I said, “Get unlimited. It may not be your kids,

School district cleared of criminal charges in spying case.

I previously shared the story of a school district accused of snapping pictures of students on their laptops in various scenarios that some parents found unacceptable. The school system had claimed

I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over my bag of Sun Chips.

Sun Chips recently introduced a new compostable bag that’s better for the environment. It’s a nice touch, but an unfortunate side effect is the bag is loud. How loud? An Air Force pilot claims it’s

Text message friends via E-mail.

It was a fun parlor trick working in the wireless industry when I proved to people I could text to them from my E-mail account. Most people don’t know there’s a backdoor that allows you do to such a
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