Help find bird lost in Danbury – Success!


UPDATE: Great news, everyone! Ms. Weinstein called to share the news that Pearl has been found. She was very grateful for the assistance of neighbors and others who helped in the effort to locate Pearl.

If you see Pearl, the cockatiel shown here, call Laurie Weinstein at 203-241-8131.

Have you seen this bird?

Have you seen this bird?

Pearl escaped in Danbury, off Lake Avenue in West Terrace area, and has never been outdoors before, according to notice. Pearl is a yellow cockatiel, a member of the cockatoo family. Cockatoos are one of the most popular birds kept as pets in the United States.
Ms. Weinstein confirmed that Pearl was lost the evening of Easter Sunday.
Again, if you spot Pearl out and about, call Laurie Weinstein at 203-241-8131.

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