DUI arrests in Danbury


DANBURY — A 21-year-old Danbury man is facing drunken driving and assault charges stemming from a September 2013 incident.

Jefferson J. Carrion, of Osborne Street, Danbury was arrested Saturday at 8:21 a.m. on a warrant from a Sept. 29, 2013 incident. He was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs; second-degree assault with a motor vehichle; and third-degree assault/ minor injuries or intent to cause injuries.

Carrion was released on $5,000 bond with a court date of Aug. 21 in Superior Court in Danbury.

DANBURY — Javier A. Salinas, 35, of Maple Avenue, Danbury was arrested on a warrant for failure to appear. Salinas original arrest for drunken driving was Feb. 23, 2014. He is also facing charges of making a restricted turn and operating a motor vehicle in violation of his driver’s license classification. He was released on  on $5,000 bond with a court date of Aug. 26 in Superior Court in Danbury.


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