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Seriously . . . How Are You Still Mets Fans?


Major League

Meet your new owner, Mets fans!

Today’s the first day of summer, and you know what that means?

No! Not beaches, sunshine, and fireworks!!

It means basketball’s over. So what do we do now? According to NBA funnyman LeBron James, it’s time for all of us to get back to the real world, and back to facing the same old problems that we had yesterday. For Old School and New School sports fans alike, this means it’s time to start paying attention to baseball again.

Now, I’m a Yankees fan, so I don’t necessarily start paying attention until the fall. (Sorry, but the Yanks haven’t had a losing record since before Robby was born.) But being a Yankees fan, I get to start hearing all the reasons why the Yankees “suck.” For Mets fans, I presume this means…well, being an actual Mets fan.

I say this not because I’m a pompous, arrogant fan of the Bronx Bombers (really, I’m not); it’s just that every year I hear the same five things from Mets fans:

1. I’ll watch Opening Day, but after that I’m not watching another game.
2. If the Mets are still mathematically alive for the playoffs come August, I’ll be happy.
3. Right now, the Mets are the BEST baseball team in New York.
4. Are we still paying Bobby Bonilla?
5. I (bleeping!) hate Fred Wilpon!

If I could steal one of my sister’s Masters, or her pending Doctorate in clinical psychology, I would say that Mets fans have some serious issues. Fortunately for all of us, I am not a doctor…just a confused New Yorker who doesn’t understand Mets fans.

For instance, I get that the Mets are broke and expectations are low. Wilpon just sold a third of his team for a $200 million loan, which includes a stipulation that the 33% share can grow to become 60% in 2014 for an extra buck (only if Wilpon is unable to repay new minority owner, David Einhorn, his loan back). Given the Mets current financial situation, there’s an actual chance that Wilpon will lose his majority ownership to Einhorn for one dollar in 2014.

Most of the Mets fans I know would absolutely LOVE for Wilpon to lose his majority share, and seeing how he just potentially sold the majority of his team (worth an estimated $1 billion) for 200 million and one dollars, this scenario is now in play. Unfortunately for Metropolitan fans, this also means the new owner (a former hedge fund manager who made his fortune betting on losers) will be a real-life version of the Cleveland Indians’ owner from Major League — literally banking on his team losing.

I’m not trying to bash the Mets here, or argue how superior the Yankees are. Heck, I’ll even concede Reyes over Jeter this year. I just have one question for the Old School and New School Mets fans out there: How are you still Mets fans? I get that you root for your team no matter what. Ride or die, or whatever… As a Knicks fan I can relate to rooting for a team that has terrible ownership. (How the eff did Dolan not re-sign Old School Donnie Walsh??) But how do you root for the Mets right now? You can’t, right?

That’s a shame too…because while I’ll be enjoying a summer of air-conditioning and Yankees baseball, I guess you’ll just have to actually face real life, and find a way to deal with the harsh realities that make up these dog days of summer: sunshine, beaches, and fireworks.


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