The post-Edsall era begins in Storrs

The UConn football team is officially without a coach this morning, less than 48 hours after the biggest moment in the program’s history.

Randy Edsall will be introduced as Maryland’s new coach at a news conference this afternoon.

The Washington Post reported this morning that Edsall is taking offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead, running backs coach Terry Richardson and outside linebackers/special teams coach Lyndon Johnson with him to the Terps. (Good job by the “other” Post but the reporting of only Edsall’s base salary of $350,000 is a little confusing. He made $1.55 million this year. Anyway…)

As it turns out, however, Richardson isn’t moving on to Maryland with Edsall. He’s headed to Miami to join Al Golden’s new staff with the Hurricanes. For Richardson, a Fort Lauderdale native, that seems to make sense.

As for the other assistants at UConn, they still have jobs for now. For one thing, their duties for the next few days and weeks are probably tripled. And there’s a chance some of them could remain at UConn when the new coach arrives.

Assistant head coach for defense Hank Hughes might even be a candidate for the big job himself, and is now the interim head coach.

Offensive line coach Mike Foley is probably one guy UConn would like to see stay, as perhaps is defensive coordinator Todd Orlando.

Wide receivers coach Matt Cersosimo, defensive backs coach Darrell Perkins and tight ends coach Jon Wholley are also still in house for now.

As for Edsall’s replacement, one man just became available. Eric Mangini was fired Monday by the NFL’s Cleveland Browns after his second straight 5-11 season.

It’s not clear if the Hartford native wants to coach in the college ranks, but UConn would probably have interest if he does.

It’s still not clear exactly why Edsall left UConn and so suddenly, though the lack of a contract extension for himself and lack of pay in general for his assistants might have been issues. Edsall’s contract ran through Dec. 31, 2012, and apparently no talk of extending that deal took place this year despite the team’s on-field successes.


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6 Responses

  1. LilJoe47 says:

    Let’s Go Cuse!!! Tides are turning. All will be back to normal soon.

  2. get a clue says:

    1st, I like the shot you take at the Washington Post about getting his salary wrong. funny, especially considering the Com Post had ZERO information about the UConn coaches leaving with Edsall prior to the Wash. Post story! You really zinged them!

    2nd, Leach would be great, baggage not too major, but would definitely bring some exciting football to Connecticut. Whipple would be an interesting choice. And one not mentioned, how about Andy Talley from Nova?

    3rd, Why in the world would Peterson leave Boise to come to UConn? Seriously, think about it. He has one of the best programs in the country at Boise, why take a step (or 2 or 3) and come to Connecticut? IF he wanted to leave Boise, and there has been no indication that he does, don’t you think there are other, more attractive jobs available to him?

    Lastly, I am excited that Edsall has moved on. He accomplished a lot while here, but never took it to the next level. UConn needs to make a hire that will bring this team to the next level. I know they played in a BCS bowl, but they honestly had no business being there. And that was evident when watching the game. It is time to really bring the football program to the upper tier of the nation, like the two basketball programs are. Edsall built the program and brought some respectability, now it is time to make a great hire and become a power.

  3. Full Disclosure says:

    Leach has NO baggage except a disgruntled parent who had some pull with Texas Tech administration. Leach would bring the MOST football success to the program of all the candidates. I hope that Jeff Hathaway had a list of potential HC’s available just in case.

    Or let Hank Hughes run the team then and take the Interim tag off….he seems to have paid his dues and is a Uconn loyalist.

  4. Mike says:

    Mark Whipple is a winner at every level he’s coached. He is also an offensive expert. He was with the Steelers and Roethlisberger’s QB coach for Ben’s first Super Bowl.

    He won the I-AA championship with UMass and he had UNHaven putting 40-50 points on the board regularly. He’s from Brown and is a very smart guy with a deep coaching background.

    Mangini has not won and is less experienced, Pasqualoni too old, Leach has baggage, Sparano hasn’t won, Peterson out of his element, Jago is not exciting, and the rest don’t have head coaching experience.

    Whipple would be a great choice.

  5. KK says:

    Friedgen left the Maryland cupboard pretty well stocked. ACC Rookie of the Year, QB Danny O’Brien, will help Edsall’s transition at Maryland. I still want to know why Worthy Patterson ’54, isn’t in the basketball “Huskies of Honor”?

  6. BR says:

    Edsall did seem like he was in a perpetual job search so this isn’t a complete surprise. Maryland is neither an academic nor an athletic powerhouse so it’s hard to see how this is an improvement for Randy. Couple that fact with the idea that as a hired gun Mr. Edsall has no goodwill in the bank at MD and one has to wonder why he left? Was the relationship with Hathaway that frayed?