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ISU’s mascot Cy takes a spill, fractures arm (wing)


The Iowa State football team was rather happy and healthy upon leaving Connecticut this weekend, but the Cyclones’ mascot got more than a little dinged up.

Cy (who is a Cardinal, not a Cyclone, in case you were wondering) suffered a broken arm after interacting with a few UConn fans during Iowa State’s 24-20 win Friday night at Rentschler Field. Cy (ISU student Zane Brugenhemke, actually) apparently went into the UConn student section during the second quarter for a little playful taunting and soon got into a little back-and-forth with the Husky fans. As he turned to leave Cy fell down the stairs and fractured two bones in his forearm. Initial reports indicated Brugenhemke was pushed, though that apparently wasn’t the case.

Officers from the Connecticut State Police, according UConn officials, immediately investigated the incident by interviewing witnesses, including Brugenhemke.

According a news release from UConn:

“The police determined there was no physical altercation tied to the event and no charges were filed. Instead, it was determined that the injuries were caused when the student in the mascot costumed tripped down the stairs. These facts were confirmed by the student mascot in an interview with the police. In addition, there were no patrons ejected from the game because of the incident,” the statement read.

Cy _ well, Brugenhemk _ was treated by local EMTs as well as team doctors from both UConn and Iowa State before being taken to the UConn Health Center in Farmington. A replacement Cy took over inside the costume and cheered with the rest of the Cyclone faithful in the second half.

Brugenhemke was able to fly home on the school’s charter flight back to Ames, Iowa, following the game.

Brugenhemke posted on his Facebook page Saturday a picture of his arm in a sling. He indicated he would have surgery in Omaha, Neb. on Sunday.

“UConn quickly rose to No. 2 on my most-hated fan bases,” Brugenhemke wrote, probably keeping Iowa at his personal No. 1. “Breaking my arm isn’t a good first impression guys.”

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One Response

  1. Gina Hopson says:

    I SAW… state police interviewed ONE witness: the person who PUSHED Cy down. Although there were many people wanting to make a statement, the ONE state trooper who verbally took a statement from the person who pushed Cy, would not listen to any other witnesses.

    After the UConn fan sitting in the FAMILY SECTION DRINKING HIS BEER, not in the student sction like being reported, pushed Cy down, he received several celebration high fives from his surrounding buddies.

    If there were interviews, who are they?? Somebody needs to either shut these lies down, or make it right.