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: March, 2009

Guest Bloggers: A Talented Lineup

As I announced last week, I am adding a new feature to the blog this spring: we are going to have 6 guest bloggers file weekly reports that I am sure will take you deeper inside the world of high

Powers Adding to Her Legacy with Stick-to-itiveness

Of all the high school athletes I have met this year, there is none I like or respect more than Emily Powers. Actually, that is too narrow a scope. In all my time as a sportswriter, Powers is in my

Assessing Dave McClure

As evidenced by some of the comments made on a previous blog entry, a popular topic of conversation, for the past four years, is whether Trinity Catholic graduate Dave McClure made the right decision

New Feature for the Blog

I’ve been thinking for a while about ways to expand the blog, make it more interesting and hopefully more entertaining and enlightening. Sometime last night, in the middle of 39 1/2 hours in front of

Let The Madness Begin

Hi, may name is Dave and I am a March Madness-aholic. Hello Dave. For the next three weeks I will be consumed by the closest thing we have to the perfect sporting event, the NCAA men’s basketball

Trinity’s Season Ends

When the Trinity Catholic High School basketball team has struggled this season, it has been due to individualistic play. That was the case last night, as the Crusaders lost their composure during a

Farewell Kermit The Duck, Hello Chris Evans and Stamford

Hillhouse coach Kermit Carolina learned one of the best lessons my father ever imparted on me: if you don’t talk, people won’t realize how ignorant you really are. Carolina, who accused Trinity

Winning With Class

Trinity Catholic’s sports department has always operated with the utmost class. When the girls basketball team holds its Senior Night, the Crusaders present flowers to the opposing team’s seniors as

CIAC: Greedy or Saavy?

When I first heard that the CIAC was holding its boys and girls state basketball championship games at Mohegan Sun, my initial reaction was: What, the brothel was booked? I’m hardly Puritanical, but

Everything Could be Finer Than Listening to Carolina

Trinity Catholic, the top seed in Class L, and Hillhouse, No. 1 in LL, will be unable to meet in the boys basketball state tournament, but not for the reasons that Academics coach Kermit Carolina