Poll: Which is the FCIAC’s toughest gymnasium to play in?

One of the biggest problems affecting high school sports has been the small crowds at games and general apathy. Fortunately, that seems to be changing. There is now the Tigers Lair at Ridgefield, the Purple Pack at Westhill and Black Knight Nation at Stamford High School, to name a few. They are vocal student fan bases, have their own Twitter accounts and are bringing school spirit back into vogue.

It has been perhaps the most positive aspect of the winter sports season, and hopefully this is just the beginning and not a passing trend.

Each group is trying to give its basketball teams a big homecourt advantage. The best homecourt advantage.

This has brought up a question that has become a popular topic the past two weeks: which is the FCIAC’s toughest gymnasium, the one opposing teams really hate to travel to because of distance, the size of the court, the loudness and, yes, the crowd.

After giving it a little thought the other day, five immediately stood out for me. I spoke to a few boys coaches — they get bigger attendance — and, with one or two possible additions that I reasoned out, they were pretty much in agreement. So was the one girls coach I spoke to.

So here are my choices for the five toughest schools to visit: Bassick, Danbury, Ridgefield, St. Joseph and Trinity Catholic. I think each is difficult for different reasons.

And I am going to let you decide. You can vote until noon on Sunday to pick the FCIAC’s toughest gymnasium to play in.

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