Poll: Which is the FCIAC’s toughest gymnasium to play in?

One of the biggest problems affecting high school sports has been the small crowds at games and general apathy. Fortunately, that seems to be changing. There is now the Tigers Lair at Ridgefield, the Purple Pack at Westhill and Black Knight Nation at Stamford High School, to name a few. They are vocal student fan bases, have their own Twitter accounts and are bringing school spirit back into vogue.

It has been perhaps the most positive aspect of the winter sports season, and hopefully this is just the beginning and not a passing trend.

Each group is trying to give its basketball teams a big homecourt advantage. The best homecourt advantage.

This has brought up a question that has become a popular topic the past two weeks: which is the FCIAC’s toughest gymnasium, the one opposing teams really hate to travel to because of distance, the size of the court, the loudness and, yes, the crowd.

After giving it a little thought the other day, five immediately stood out for me. I spoke to a few boys coaches — they get bigger attendance — and, with one or two possible additions that I reasoned out, they were pretty much in agreement. So was the one girls coach I spoke to.

So here are my choices for the five toughest schools to visit: Bassick, Danbury, Ridgefield, St. Joseph and Trinity Catholic. I think each is difficult for different reasons.

And I am going to let you decide. You can vote until noon on Sunday to pick the FCIAC’s toughest gymnasium to play in.

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18 Responses

  1. Dave Ruden says:

    Guys, I shouldn’t have posted this battle over which school is better knowing it would get out of hand. I’m lucky enough to work with students at both schools and they rank with the very best this area has to offer. I’m taking down the previous posts. Let’s stay on point.

  2. Dave Ruden says:


  3. FCIAC Coach says:

    The most important thing is not who’s best, loudest, most obnoxious, etc. The most important thing is that the students CARE enough to support their teams!!!

  4. Trinity says:

    First of all, Westhill’s student section is very weak compared to these schools. Second, Black Knight Nation was taken from Crusader Nation by Trinity, created a few years ago. I think Trinity holds the best advantage because, when I watched a game there earlier this season, the smallness of the gym and size and cheers of the student section give it the best advantage, as well as they are positioned right on the court of the side the opposing team shoots at in the second half. All other student sections are either too weak, dont have original cheers (Westhill), or just have terrible cheers in general (Danbury). I think Ridgefield is also a very tough place to play when sold out.

  5. Gawayne #BassickAlumni says:

    It has to be Bassick. When ever Bassick has a home game nearly every current student plus former students and staff would show up to show support. Plus the parents and families of the players.
    When the players step out on the court in their green and white, EVERYONE goes crazy, because we know that we’re in for a great game. & Even when another team does get a victory on our home court, you best believe they worked hard for it, because Bassick doesn’t go down without a fight.


  6. jeb says:

    Not even close…St.Josephs by far. Small gym whose players know what spots and corners to trap in…short baselines….a stage three feet from the basket….a large student section.

  7. FCIAC Fan says:

    Vote goes to Ridgefield and the Tigers Den. Long bus ride, tough place to play, loud with a huge student section with creative chants. The Den is only getting stronger!! Keep it up Tigers!!

  8. John says:

    I have to vote for Danbury. You start off with a ride that seems like it takes forever to get there. Their teams have always been solid over the years so you know it will be a tough game. They get great crowds that always out number the away team because most parents and students won’t travel to Danbury for an away game. Then to top it off, you always get (hurt) by the refs in that place. For the total package, my vote goes to Danbury.

  9. lair guy says:

    @fred what is the tigers den? i have never heard of that before… hmm weird. No chance you guys were louder than the lair. you guys just don’t have the dedication we do. Plus, i can honestly say that i have never heard of danbury’s home court being one of the toughest in recent memory, as where in ridgefield, we have been consistently one of the toughest gyms to play in year after year. you guys have like 3 games of good crowds under your belt, the lair on the other hand, has numerous years of dedicated fans, creativity, and getting inside peoples heads like a little fly under our belt. Hail to the lair.

  10. Respect the Lair says:

    The Lair is superior to any fan group ever created. Especially those inferior fans from danbury. We are on another level. The hideous hatters wish they could touch us. Oh and in case the D-block fans don’t remember the score, we won by 25. #Hail Ridgefield #Longlivethelair

  11. cutie zambrano says:

    purple pack!!!!!!!!

  12. Fred says:

    When the Hatters Hooters traveled to the away Ridgefield game at the so called “Tigers Den”, we brought about 70 kids, and Ridgefield probably had about 150 students in attendance. And yet, it was clear that we were much louder than they were. GO HATTERS

  13. Full says:

    Why not let the readers and responders put the school in the answer ?

  14. Dave Ruden says:

    If Westhill proves it can show the support over the long term, it will be in the next poll.

  15. Jerry Springer says:

    Maybe the problem is Westhill isnt included in the poll……and they obviously have the best cheering section in the FCIAC. whattup doe

  16. Not bias says:

    Danbury 100% the hatters hooters average 200 kids a game and are relentless to any opponent that walks in the gym. Their cheers are creative and extremely pro hatter. The parents are just as loud and supportive as the students. They have called the most ruthless cheering section in the fciac and they justly deserve it. Good luck to any opponent trying to win let alone play there, or make a free throw. If your not wearing orange and blue you better wear ear plugs.

  17. Dave Ruden says:

    Let’s see. Maybe. Only problem is there are so few and most are affiliated with towns and not schools.

  18. Andrew says:

    Just an idea maybe do the best home ice advantage