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POLL: Who is the most unsung boys basketball player?


Kevin Leumene

A discussion with an FCIAC boys basketball coach last week led to conversations on a wide variety of topics: the best team, the most valuable player, the most overrated player.

Eventually we got around to a discussion that is the height of subjectivity: who is the league’s most unsung player? What makes the choice so difficult is defining an unsung player.

Is it someone like Mike Yerina at Trumbull or Chris Nugent at Wilton, top players who slip through the cracks because they are a step below the most elite performers in the league?

What I was looking for was a player really underrated: someone overshadowed by his teammates yet whose team could not win without his contributions.

After some discussion I came up with five players I feel fall into this category: Kevin Leumene of Trinity Catholic, Sam Dorrisaint of Westhill, Pat Hopkins of St. Joseph, Shawn Padilla of Stamford and Rasheen Thompson.

All coaches I talked with agreed the quintet fall into the unsung category. The problem is, so do a number of other players.

But these are the five who stand out the most for me.

What do you think? We will give you until Friday at noon to vote. Pick one of the five or select the “other” category and send in a comment explaining your selection (any bashing of players will not get posted).

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15 Responses

  1. Jerond Rogers at Bassick.

  2. joe coelho says:

    I first saw Hopkins play as a 7th grader for St. Lawrence. He was already over 6ft tall, long and I though this kid will dominate once he reached High School. He had the body, length and was a good athlete. I really though at 6’8″ playing since middle school he would have more of an offensive game. But it is not always these tall kids fault, as coaches like to put the tall kids inside no matter how athletic, starting in the early grades. These athletic tall kids, both girls and boys, run up and down the court getting a few touches while asked to do the dirty work. Nothing bother’s me more than when I hear middle school or travel coach tell their center not to dribble or shoot the three….just play inside and wait for the ball hug PG to give you the ball after dribbling all over the court most of the game.

  3. Full says:

    Dave great poll question. Padilla is clearly the winner of this poll or should be…unsung and you have 3-4 scholarship offers ?

    Hopkins may be unsung on St. Josephs but not the League.

    Padilla is unsung and underrated on an over achieving team coached by an underrated coach

  4. Sam Dorrisaint is the most valuable player and the most overrated player in Connecticut. He the most improved on the team since his freshman year. He works hard everyday.

  5. SJFan says:

    I have watched Pat Hopkins play since his freshman year at SJ. Probably the most improved on the team since his freshman year. He is also a real leader out there on the court (true captain). Additionally, he is one of the most respectful kids. From a basketball standpoint, he has a lot of upside. More importantly, I think he will be very successful in life.

  6. Steven Joseph says:

    Hopkins is a beast, definitely deserves it. Leaves everything out there on the court.

  7. Dave Ruden says:

    I think Barry is not really unsung because he’s recognized as the leader of the team. And thanks for the kind words: readers seem to like the polls and I will keep doing more. The next one, tomorrow, is which team will win the FCIAC once we know the eight finalists.

  8. former player says:

    i voted for kev but i think BARRY BODDERICK is the unsung most underrated player in the fciac. He has scored 30 points twice this season and with out him stamford would probably be a 2 or 3 win team. But kev does fit your description perfect. over shadowed by his teamates with bosswell casmir and the 7 foot sensation. Dave you always make interesting polls. keep them comming

  9. Rhinopartner says:

    Kevin Leumene is a very good player and will be great next year, but St. Joseph does not come close to going undefeated if they don’t have Hopkins in the middle. He makes many think twice about going into the lane.

  10. Wayne says:

    Hopkins wins this category but he is also in the top 10 players in the league. He is the best defensive player the FCIAC has seen in years. He also has scholarship offers from 3 or 4 colleges so he’s not that unsung. He is the lethal weapon on the #1 team in the state which is poised to make a deep run in state tourney.

  11. rhs outsider says:

    I saw hopkins play for the first time last night against ridgefield… he really does the dirty work, gets boards, pushes people around, talks the good trash, wears his heart on his sleeve and inside the paint can score….

  12. fciac fan says:

    Trinity is a .500 club without Leumene-He is the hardest worker on a team of overrated guys who think they are good and don’t have to play hard . He may be the best pure shooter Trinity has had since Craig Austrie!

  13. John says:

    I voted for Dorrisaint but Hopkins right there with him.

  14. FCIAC Fan says:

    Kevin Leumene by far. He is never acknowledged for the hard work he puts in. In reality, he’s probably the best player on that Trinity team but manages to go under the radar.

  15. J cross says:

    johnny dehlin, darien