POLL: Who is the most unsung boys basketball player?

Kevin Leumene

A discussion with an FCIAC boys basketball coach last week led to conversations on a wide variety of topics: the best team, the most valuable player, the most overrated player.

Eventually we got around to a discussion that is the height of subjectivity: who is the league’s most unsung player? What makes the choice so difficult is defining an unsung player.

Is it someone like Mike Yerina at Trumbull or Chris Nugent at Wilton, top players who slip through the cracks because they are a step below the most elite performers in the league?

What I was looking for was a player really underrated: someone overshadowed by his teammates yet whose team could not win without his contributions.

After some discussion I came up with five players I feel fall into this category: Kevin Leumene of Trinity Catholic, Sam Dorrisaint of Westhill, Pat Hopkins of St. Joseph, Shawn Padilla of Stamford and Rasheen Thompson.

All coaches I talked with agreed the quintet fall into the unsung category. The problem is, so do a number of other players.

But these are the five who stand out the most for me.

What do you think? We will give you until Friday at noon to vote. Pick one of the five or select the “other” category and send in a comment explaining your selection (any bashing of players will not get posted).

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