Poll: Who is the FCIAC’s best baseball coach?

Several people over the past couple of days have inquired if I was going to run polls for the best baseball and softball coaches this spring as I did in the winter with boys and girls basketball coaches.

I hadn’t really thought about it, but after the suggestions I figured, why not?

So for this week’s edition of Extra Base Hits, we are going to hold a poll for you to decide who is the best baseball coach in the FCIAC.

I’ve spoken to a few coaches, former players and athletic directors to break down the finalists to nine coaches. Three items were used in the selection process: postseason titles, at least several seasons at a school to base a body of work, and getting the most out of their players. Recommendations by others were weighted. Some of the highest praise came for coaches still searching for their first postseason title.

So here are the nine finalists. You can vote until noon on Sunday. If you think I erred by omitting someone (most of those, I would presume, are good coaches who haven’t been at their schools very long), feel free to punch the “other” button and send along a comment — appropriate of course or it won’t be posted.

So, who is the FCIAC’s best baseball coach? Cast your vote now.