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FCIAC football coaches vote for series with SCC based in part on percentage matchups


New Canaan football coach Lou Marinelli.

The FCIAC-SCC football series proposed for the 2013-14 seasons took another step toward becoming a reality Monday afternoon when the FCIAC coaches voted in favor, based on matchups predicated for the most part on the winning percentages of schools over the last five years. The FCIAC schools were listed top to bottom based on their five-year records, while the SCC were for the most part.

Also factored in was the SCC has four divisions instead of the FCIAC’s three, and moves team up and down based on prior success. Arranging games based on the past competitive levels of the schools was prioritized.

The leagues’ respective commissioners, John Kuczo of the FCIAC and Al Carbone of the SCC, stressed that a final agreement is still not in place and it is possible for changes to occur.

I communicated with Carbone via Twitter last night and he sent me the following message: “I will say this – we are moving in the right direction and the 19 matchups will be fair and competitive and great for both leagues.”

Here are the proposed matchups the FCIAC coaches voted on Monday, with the schools’ five-year percentages in parenthesis:

New Canaan (.902) vs. Daniel Hand (.804)

Staples (.857) vs. Xavier (.804)

Darien (.745) vs. Shelton (.726)

Ridgefield (.745) vs. Cheshire (.667)

Greenwich (.725) vs. West Haven (.580)

St. Joseph (.627) vs. Notre Dame (.660)

Bridgeport Central (.600) vs. Hillhouse (.726)

Trumbull (.592) vs. North Haven (.706)

Norwalk (.551) vs. Amity (.471)

Stamford (.500) vs. Fairfield Prep (.380)

Wilton (.470) vs. Branford (.441)

Fairfield Warde (.431) vs. Foran (.451)

Trinity Catholic (.392) vs. Sheehan (.422)

Brien McMahon (.392) vs. Wilbur Cross (.382)

Danbury (.353) vs. Hamden (.373)

Fairfield Ludlowe (.235) vs. Lyman Hall (.412)

Westhill (.235) vs. Guilford (.402)

Bassick (.118) vs. East Haven (.078)

Warren Harding (.102) vs. Law (.353)

The proposed games will be a home-and-home series to open the 2013-14 seasons, when the calendar schedule will allow for one extra game.

One can only imagine the excitement: New Canaan and Hand, and Staples and Xavier played each other in state finals last fall. Stamford and Fairfield Prep were long-time Thanksgiving Day rivals until 1977.

The FCIAC coaches met prior to Monday’s league picnic in Fairfield, which was attended by six of the coaches.

“I think it’s good for our league, I think it’s good for their league. It’s good for football,” New Canaan coach Lou Marinelli said. You are going to open the 2013 season with some great games.”

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9 Responses

  1. John says:

    Not a bad idea JB. I like it.

  2. JB says:

    They should consider matching the best L and LL programs that would never otherwise meet in the playoffs … like New Canaan vs Xavier / Hand vs Staples / North Haven vs Greenwich / Darien vs Shelton / NDWH vs Ridgefield. Would add a lot to the state-wide #1 voting at the end of the year.

  3. Pat McGroin says:

    SEC west meets SEC east… It’s about time we had some excitement outside of league play in ct football

  4. the ruler says:

    I would swap Trumbull & St Joes games,otherwise looks awesome !

  5. John says:

    Wow this is awesome! I think the match ups are great! I agree, I hope they spread the games out. I’d love to see at least half of these games!

  6. Reggie palmer says:

    Games spread out over wednesday/thursday/friday/saturday

  7. Brian says:

    I agree with Jeb totally on the 2 posts above. If the games are all scheduled for week 1 we have a shot at that being Thursday-Sat. Any other week they are more than likely all Friday/Sat.

    I also think they should put Greenwich vs Xavier, Staples/Hand and NC vs NDWH and Joes vs west haven. I have seen that Xavier/Staples and NC/Hand movie already in the very recent past.

  8. jeb says:

    Please don’t schedule these games on the same date. A set of games on thursdays, friday and Saturday would be great for the fans.

  9. jeb says:

    Congratulations on both the FCIAC and the SCC for getting this done. Two great leagues with key matchups up and down. This will generate a lot of interest around the state and hopefully will lead to other leagues moving outside their conference to find meaningful games. Great job by all the coaches and the Two commissioners for pulling this off.