Redd transferring to USC

Silas Redd just made it official in a text message to the press: he is transferring to USC.

Here is the statement he sent out:

This has obviously been a very busy, emotionally draining week for me and my family. As many of you know, playing football at Penn State has been a dream of mine since I was seven years old, and I will be forever grateful that this dream became a reality. This is the reason that the decision I have made is so difficult for me: I will transfer to USC to complete my education and my college football career, beginning in the 2012-2013 year. Penn State gave me a phenomenal opportunity to become part of a legendary football program. My teammates, my coaches – past and present – and the staff have provided me with a tremendous amount of guidance and support since I arrived on campus, and I can’t thank them enough for their time, their advice, and their friendship. They have given me such a strong foundation from which I can continue to grow.

The Penn State community – including the Nittany Lions’ unbelievable fan base – has also been a huge part of my incredible experience over the past two years. I have grown tremendously as a person and a player at Penn State, and the support of the community and our fans has been a big part of the reason why. I also want to extend my thanks to the media, who have embraced me and my family over my entire football career, even before I began at the college level. I think it is important to say that this situation is not something that I wished for myself, but it has happened, nonetheless. My family and I have spent many hours in recent days trying to decide what will be best for me as I look to the future – both personally and professionally.

We have weighed the pros and cons of staying at Penn State and leaving Penn State, attending USC and not attending USC, and I can honestly say that, ultimately, this decision is about so much more than football. I continue to have aspirations for my life, and as my family and I considered the bigger picture – both on and off the field – it became clearer to me that USC will be the best fit for my academic, athletic, and personal needs over the next two years. I look forward to future successes, and to the continued support of everyone around me.

Silas Redd Jr.

Here is the link for my Advocate story on Redd transferring, which will be updated throughout the night.

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17 Responses

  1. Preston says:

    Mr. Redd, no matter how we feel as follower’s of this sport, you will never make everyone happy. Especially the program you have just departed from. Your decision is yours and yours alone. You have that right. From the short period of time I have read about you, things mentioned, good and bad, I read your statement here in Ruden’s site. Whomever you obtained your statement from, yours or advised by others, WAS certainly powerful. Those that do not understand, never will. Those that critize, will always critize. My compliments, and best wishes to you and yours. The Penn State football program, players, coaches, and fan base, I certainly have sad feelings for you. You will get up again. Trust me, your not the first program, to experience these sad and emotional times. Good luck.

  2. Reality says:

    Congrats Redd, you chose a school with a 18% acceptance rate, great choice. I mean, just like 100% of people would, when on a sinking ship, you can go down with the ship…or get on the damn life boat! Fight On!

  3. Adam73 says:

    Silas Redd’s Major was advertising. USC doesn’t carry a major for advertising. He’s only eligible for 2 more years which means he can’t get his graduate degree in his major. If his career ends do to injury he can’t even get the degree he wanted without paying tuition. Yep he sure went there for academics.

  4. Stop the censorship says:

    When USC loses a game or two and you are out of NC contention, will it have been worth it?

  5. True #25 says:

    Definitely not worthy of Warner’s number. Some grab the baton… others drop it.

  6. Snake Oil Salesman says:

    pretty lame statement. academics? laughable. you had a chance to be a true leader but your true colors have been shown. sad that you fell for the bill of goods that the snake-oil salesmen sold you. When USC loses a game or two and you are out NC contention (due to poor coaching most likely) will it have been worth it Silas?

  7. Adam 0.73 is also a dunce says:

    Sorry A.D.H.D. 0.73. Nick Saban does not coach USC.

  8. Michael is a dunce says:

    Congratulations to Redd on his choice to attend the University of Southern California. I cannot wait to see you running over hapless defenders. USC is an academic giant as well as a sports power.

  9. SoCal Native59 says:

    Micheal if you live in LA you know USC ranks higher than ucla (USN&WR) and is more selective.

  10. Elizabeth Correa says:

    A class act indeed…maybe you can refrain from the negativity and give this young man and his family the right he earned to make the best decision for his future. We will definitely continue to follow you Silas and we know you will have continued success on and off the football field.

  11. Michael says:

    Good luck to Redd but it’s completely laughable for him to cite academics. I live in LA and other than USC’s business program, the school isn’t anything special. It’s a place for spoiled rich kids who can’t get into Cal or UCLA. He probably won’t even get his degree. This is the equivalent of a “one-and-done” in college basketball. Redd will temporarily make USC his home for a few months and will then declare for the NFL draft.

  12. Adam73 says:

    “I can honestly say that, ultimately, this decision is about so much more than football.”
    Yeah because USC has been a real staple of student/athlete academics and ethics in college football. Good luck playing for the sleaziest coach in all of football.

  13. SoCal Native59 says:

    The University of Southern California offers a top 25 education. The young mans father accompanied him on his visit, I’m sure it is about more than football.

  14. Dane says:

    So much more about football… Laughable.

  15. Tom Rhoads says:

    Tough choice for a great kid. I’m sorry to see him go but wish him only best. I’ll be cheering him on throughout his career.

  16. John ONeill says:

    Silas Redd is a class act…He is making the smart move…His senior year at Penn State would’ve been a disaster…This fall will be filled with distractions in Happy Valley…

  17. SoCal Native59 says:

    Welcome to the Trojan Family Silas. FIGHT ON!