Poll: Which day do you prefer for the Stamford-Westhill football game?

The initial reaction — and school is still in session as this is posted — to the news that the Stamford-Westhill football game will be played on Thanksgiving morning instead of the night before has been one of disappointment.

Almost all of the rivalry matchups throughout the state are played on the day of the holiday, but when Stamford is the home team the game has been played in the evening at Boyle Stadium on Thanksgiving eve.

I’m kind of curious how the people of Stamford feel. Do you prefer the night game? Will the crowd be bigger on Thanksgiving morning? Does it even make a difference to you?

Let’s find out. Here is a poll where you can express your feeling. It will run until noon on Sunday.

So, when would you like to see the Stamford-Westhill game played? Vote now.