Stamford-Westhill football game moved to Thanksgiving morning

Jim Moriarty, the new athletic director at Stamford High School, is looking to bring a revived spirit back to the sports program. The motto is U-Knight.

Moriarty is taking a number of actions, and as part of the showcase, with an agreement from Westhill athletic director Mike King, the annual Stamford-Westhill holiday football game, which is usually played the night before Thanksgiving when it is a Black Knights home game, has been moved to Thanksgiving morning at Boyle Stadium.

“We felt like keeping it on Wednesday night might diminish the crowd because some don’t come because they are en route for the holiday,” Moriarty said. “We really want to get the alumni.”

Moriarty has a number of reasons to get as many graduates back as possible. He has revived the old Stamford High School athletic council, with the charge both to raise funds for the sports program and also to get students involved in community service to raise public awareness.

There is going to be a reception prior to the football game for alumni. This is also the 75th anniversary of Boyle Stadium and Moriarty wants to have a celebration of the venerable building.

Most of all, Moriarty wants to revive the aura for sports at Stamford High School that he feels has waned over the years.

“We want to change the paradigm,” Moriarty said. “Different teams have been good at different times, but school spirit has been dead. We want to change that.”