Staples’ Marce Petroccio on revised schedule: “It is what it is”

Staples coach Marce Petroccio talks with quarterback Jack Massie during last Saturday's win over Darien.

Staples football coach Marce Petroccio is in a tough situation. His team is in a tougher one.

Based on the revised FCIAC football schedule, the Wreckers — along with Greenwich and Trinity Catholic — could play seven games in 30 days if they reach both the league and state championship games.

Staples is a heavy favorite to run the table and win both. If Petroccio complains about the schedule, he will be viewed as a whiner. If Petroccio says he is pleased with the current situation…lets just say his words may come off as a little disingenuous.

So Petroccio took the high road — or, more accurately, the middle ground — today after having nearly 24 hours to digest the situation.

“It is what it is,” Petroccio said. “What are you going to do? If we are fortunate enough to get to the FCIAC and state games we will deal with it.”

Petroccio said while he may hold one view, he understands that the people at Trinity Catholic are probably looking through a different prism.

“Honest to God, it’s easy to look through my eyes, but look at it through Trinity Catholic’s eyes,” he said. “They are having their best season in 20 years and have a great opportunity.”

About the only time Petroccio strayed from the middle of the road, every so slightly, is when he said, “I think (the FCIAC final) of course should be played. I would have liked a little more time to get ready for three games in a short period of time.”

As for the big question: would Petroccio prefer the revised schedule or canceling the FCIAC championship game, as many have called for, he said, “I’ve got to think about that.”

Spoken like a true diplomat.

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10 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think Brian’s idea makes the most sense but tradition on thanksgiving has become Westhill/Stamford and Norwalk/Brien McMahon!!

  2. Dave Ruden says:

    Thus the reason for 2-3 crossover games. So Stamford and Bridgeport schools play each other every year.

  3. fciacfan says:

    Dave– I like your idea. I’d be interested to see what you and other readers projected 2 divisions would look like…..don’t forget…Stamford schools and Bridgeport schools still like to determine a “City Champion”….so all 3 schools from both cities would need to play each other.

  4. JH says:

    The subject of too many football games in too few days is a fair one, but one that wouldn’t be debated nearly as much if the CIAC would have stayed with the four team playoffs instead of expanding to eight teams.

  5. Dave Ruden says:

    Too many flaws to go over. Like my idea best.

  6. Brian says:

    Oh I agree the FCIAC would never do the above but u must admit the above is much better!

  7. Dave Ruden says:

    Won’t work and besides Thanksgiving Day games will never be touched. Most important ones on the FCIAC schedule.

  8. Brian says:

    let Warde/Ludlowe combine or Harding and bassick for football only. get 18 teams 9 in each div. then play 8 division games and 1 or 2 out of conference games depending on a 10 or 11 game season.

    title game stays on friday before thanksgiving as division winners will be set. Then on Thanksgiving morning play a game against an equal opponet like this:

    A1 vs B2 and B1 vs A2. This avoids a rematch of the title game 5 days earlier but the games would be awesome and HUGE for state points. Then have the other 14 teams do this:

    A3 vs B3
    A4 vs B4
    A5 vs B5
    all the way to A9 vs B9.

    All the games will be equal. Who cares if rivalaries go out the window. TC/Wilton and GHS/Staples aren’t rivals anyway. It just falls that way recently as both teams are always good. It doesn’t matter if u don’t know who your opponent is ahead of time. each team will be guaranteed a thankssgiving day game with 2 weeks to prepare once seeds are set.

  9. Dave Ruden says:

    I’m with you on two divisions. One with nine teams, one with 10. Nine-team division tries to pick up extra game. You play 6 or 7 games in your division and one or two crossovers to maintain rivalries. It is not perfect, but at least teams competing for playoff spots play closer to same schedules than now.

  10. Brian says:

    I think Staples and GHS will be ok for the long haul as they play lots of kids and the starters never play more than a half. TC is light on players and have harder games vs Darien and Joes.

    TC deserves a ton of credit but if GHS/Staples is not the title game the FCIAC needs to get rid of the title game. GHS would beat TC by 60. Staples will beat them by 80 if that game comes to fruition.

    The FCIAC needs to get back to 2 divisions so the t-day crossovers have no effect on the title game the week before. To have GHS/Staples and NC/DArien not factor into the league championship is absurd. Kutzo needs to resign.