Coming Sunday, vote for the Overtime Cheerleading Team of the Week

The Fairfield Ludlowe cheerleaders are the defending FCIAC champions.

After the events of the past five days, the one thing the people of Fairfield County can use is a little bit of good cheer. And in our own, smallest of ways, we are going to try and provide it.

Throughout the fall, several FCIAC cheerleading coaches have asked to be included as part of our Overtime Team of the Week contests. The FCIAC recognizes cheerleading as a sport. Unfortunately, it is hard to weigh what cheerleaders do in the fall compared to other sports.

Still, the cheerleaders deserve their time in the spotlight. So starting Sunday morning, we are going to hold a special Overtime Cheerleading Team of the Week contest, with two twists different from our other votes.

The vote will begin on Sunday morning and run until noon on Friday. For the winning team, we are going to give custom-made T-shirts, with lettering in school colors, as well as a framed plaque, courtesy of BlueStreak Sports Training, Garden Catering, the Stamford Advocate, Karl Chevrolet, Innovative Health and Rehabilitation, New Balance of New Canaan, Riko’s Pizza, Mitchells/Richards, Bobby Valentine’s Sports Gallery Cafe, Voice of an Angel and Dr. Brown’s Baby Products.

Since cheerleading in part is about rousing spirit and support, and to tie in social networking, we are going to do two things differently from our usual votes. On Wednesday, from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m., we are going to open the vote for the first time ever and allow people to vote as often as they want.

Second, at some point during the vote, I am going to again open up the vote for a brief window and let people vote as often as they want. The little social networking twist: I will announce the second open vote period ONLY on Twitter. So teams are advised to get their members following me on Twitter. To do so, you can click here on this link.

With the FCIAC schedule postponed this week because of Hurricane Sandy, this will be the only vote held next week.

So start following on Twitter and check back on Sunday morning for the first annual Overtime Cheerleading Team of the Week contest.