The Super 6: Vote for the BlueStreak-Overtime FCIAC Fall Male Player of the Year

After a long list of memorable accomplishments over the last two months, it is time for you to decide who was the very best of the best. We have selected six outstanding finalists for our annual BlueStreak-Overtime FCIAC Fall Male Player of the Year award.

The winner will receive a trophy from BlueStreak Sports Training and the Stamford Advocate.

Here are the finalists and their accomplishments (based on information submitted by coaches):

DAVELL COTTERELL, WESTHILL FOOTBALL: Cotterell finished with 1,663 yards on 222 carries, scored 16 touchdowns and had 1,838 total yards as the Vikings finished 2-8 after having to forfeit four victories.

SHAQUAN HOWSIE, TRINITY CATHOLIC FOOTBALL: Howsie finished with 1,116 rushing yards, 16 touchdowns and an average of 6 yards per carry in helping to lead the Crusaders to their first state playoff appearance since 1993. Howsie also had 2 sacks and 5 tackles for losses on defense.

ANDREW MELITSANOPOULOS, NORWALK BOYS SOCCER: Melitsanopoulos led a defense that finished with 13 shutouts and scored the winning goal as the Bears, who shared the FCIAC title, won their first state championship since 1966.

JAKE PELLETIER, ST. JOSEPH FOOTBALL: Pelletier set school records with 48 receptions for 907 yards and 14 touchdowns, rushed for three touchdowns, returned a kickoff for a touchdown and threw one scoring pass, while kicking 54 extra points as the Cadets reached the Class M quarterfinals.

HENRY WYNNE, STAPLES CROSS COUNTRY: Wynne finished with one of the best seasons ever by a state runner, sweeping the FCIAC, Class LL, State Open and New England championships.

PIETER ZENNER, GREENWICH: One of the state’s fastest and most explosive forwards, Zenner finished the season with 24 goals and 14 assists to lead the Cardinals to the FCIAC and CIAC Class LL semifinals.

Those are the six finalists. You have until noon on Wednesday to select the 2012 BlueStreak-Overtime FCIAC Fall Male Player of the Year.

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41 Responses

  1. shaq fan says:

    Everyone that thinks this is a popularity contest. Remember that Westhill has over 200 students in the graduating class this year and Trinity has 82 students.
    You go Shaquan, you are the better player here. We know your strength,character and ability. And what an amazing blocker you had!!

  2. colormehipster says:

    everyone pleease vote Jake Pelletier!

  3. Dave Ruden says:

    They are all winners! But we just give one the prize.

  4. anonymous says:

    Dave, I vote for a pick 6 !! Pick em all…Make em all winners !!

  5. Pieters little brother :) says:

    Pieter Zenner is All New England, All American Regional, got a likely letter from Harvard and is the Best brother in the world.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is so confident that one athlete is so deserving of the award. Every single player on the list has a long list of achievements and Dave Ruden has made it clear that they’re the best six candidates. How can you even accurately compare different sports? Andrew helped his team win the first state title since 1966, Wynne was the first boy from the FCIAC to win the New-England Open in a quarter century and so on and so forth with every guy up there. I mean you don’t have to get caught up in who wins this competition as Dave said this is for fun and so that people can vote for their favorites. Who’s to say that the winner of this is officially the BEST athlete in the fall season, this is by popular vote not by a panel of sports experts. Focus on the individuals achievements and awards. The real prize is being selected to be in this poll, and everything these boys have done throughout their high school careers.

  7. Laura says:

    I have known Pieter Zenner for many years. We have had many times together and he is not only an excellent soccer player but an excellent human being. He deserves more than all you scally-wags. Just kidding everyone on this list is a good player. But pieter is the best!

  8. FactChecker says:

    Don’t know the details if Andrew is getting a merit scholarship, but there is no way he is getting a soccer scholarship, against Ivy league rules

  9. Anonymous says:

    All i know is that Andrew isn’t paying a cent to play D1 soccer, and he also won All New England as one of the best defenders in the region. If this isn’t his this is just corrupt. A student and athlete of his caliber deserves this, it’s not a coincidence why he led his team to success. You can’t say a state and fciac champion should not win this. But, being a popularity contest we’ll let the public decide that.

  10. Matt says:

    I dont think any of the other players on this list are as academically gifted and athletically as pieter. For those who don’t know he made all fciac, all state, and all new england for soccer. He has also committed to Harvard, yes HARVARD for soccer, can’t beat that

  11. Dave Ruden says:

    Not enough to do by sport, and setting up these votes is time consuming enough. We just want to hold a vote for the top fall athlete. You can make a strong case for all 6 finalists.

  12. Jay says:

    They are all deserving. It should be broken up by sport.

  13. Avid Sports Fan says:

    I agree that these polls are popularity contests. In order for them to have real legitimacy, it would make more sense for a committee to choose the player that is truly deserving. Based on commment #22, it seems like a no-brainer that Andrew Melitsanopolous is the one deserving of this award.

  14. colormehipster says:

    Vote for Jake Pelletier. He deserves it!

  15. Mia says:

    Jake Pelletier has 891 votes

  16. Barack Obama says:

    Vote for Andrew Melitsanopolous.

    *I (Barack Obama) approve this message*

  17. Anonymous says:


  18. Abraham Lincoln says:

    Vote for my boy Andrew Melitsanopoulos and i’ll end slavery.

  19. Sean says:

    Oh, P.S. Andrew also won all New England, and not to mention he accomplished all of this while maintaining a 4.0 GPA! He’s a STUDENT athlete, not just an athlete

  20. Sean says:

    I respect all of the candidates and they all had great seasons, however I don’t think this should be much of a question. Andrew Melitsanopolous lead the bears to an 21-1-1 season as the leader of their defense. Won a state and FCIAC championship, had 13 shutouts, and scored the game wining goal in the state championship which also happened to be a shutout. This young man has quite a resume.

  21. anonymous says:


    I would respectfully disagree with you. What colleges are these players going to ?

    As for Dave’s response about any of the 6 boys or 6 girls being deserving I would agree with that assesment and so I understand that a democracy is a great thing and let’s leave it at that.

    If I had to vote for the FCIAC comeback players of the year I would split my vote between Shaq and Davell. Both kids deserve major props for how they led their teams this Fall.

    Congrats to Coach Stokes and Coach Marcucio for having banner years for their schools.

  22. JimG says:

    Wynne was undefeated, ran 2nd fastest time in FCIAC Championship history, and was first boy from FCIAC to win New England championship in almost a QUARTER OF A CENTURY. The other guys are good in the league and even the state, but Wynne’s accomplishments are on a region-wide level and are head & shoulders above theirs, on a purely statistical level. He may be the best runner to come out of the FCIAC since Westhill’s Kevin King in the early ’80s.

  23. Saran says:

    I’ve been following the season and while Davell is an awesome player; Shaq is truly a force to be reckoned with. I’m proud of all the young men listed. I pretty much guarantee that a few of these guys will make it pro

  24. Westhill football fan says:

    Wasn’t doubting it

  25. Dave Ruden says:

    Trust me Pieter is just as deserving. Saw him play three times.

  26. Westhill football fan says:

    I haven’t doubted once that Shaq is a great player. This is i will continue to advocate for Davell because even if Shaq got more carries Davell’s average is still around 7 ypc and Shaq 6 ypc. Its great that these factors exist, but the voter does not no know this. It just becomes a popularity contest over and over again. Peiter is a great player im sure, but his votes also reflect the student body amoout at GHS, and therfore voting for him.

  27. Dave Ruden says:

    Both players are deserving. Remember Shaq also split carries or his numbers would have been higher. I’m not advocating one over the other, but that’s what I meant by taking other factors into account.

  28. Westhill football fan says:

    Thank you at Crasisns for pointing out the man that Davell has grown into. No one is doubting that all 12 athletes have achieved remarkable feats on the field. You also have to account for the situations surronding the athlete. Cotterell took a time form 0-10 to a credible team this year. In his defense, and this is kno knock on the Fullback for Westhill, but if Davell Sean Brown didn;t leave westhill he would have in my opinion an all state player, in front of him, imagine the numbers he would up even top of what he did. Is Howsie didn’t have Sean n front of him and take the load off with him getting a good amount of carries, who knows if he even would have been in contention The voters don’t know that players up here have had great supporting casts around them. Cassamajor provided a great spark in the passing game, but Davell was the offense. If you say that is to hard to to judge based on different credentials on their sport, then make a Fall Palyer for the Sport.

  29. dawg says:


  30. GHS says:

    I don’t know the other contestants but Pieter Zenner has been the best player I’ve ever played with and he’s a great role model as well. Very unselfish and very fast as well

  31. Dave Ruden says:

    No doubt this is a mix of people voting on merit and also supporting teammates and classmates. But this is also not a Nobel Peace prize and everyone has a lot of fun with this too. So I ask myself one thing in picking finalists: if that person wins, is it a credible winner. All 12 here are. We have the Player of the Week where we pick the winners rather than make it a vote.

  32. anonymous says:

    I think the argument some are trying to make is that these polls are popularity contests. Would love to see a committee formed of non-biased FCIAC supports who follow the teams/games and let them decide from a POOL of finalists that the people vote on.

    Don’t get me wrong we live in a democracy but sometimes that is not the fairest way to get the true winner.

    Just a suggestion Dave Ruden.

  33. Dave Ruden says:

    No, I meant there are a lot of athletes who excel and don’t always have the highest numbers. But we want our winners to be quality people too.

  34. craisins says:

    Davell was virtually the entire WHS offense. Opposing defenses keyed on him but couldn’t stop him. It would be interesting to see Davell’s percentage of WHS total offensive yardage compared to other backs in the league.

    Davell matured as a player and person this year and is most deserving of the reward.

  35. Niger Howsie says:

    Dave you are absolutely right, when voting for FCIAC Player of the Year,you have to take into account the accomplishments of the individual player off the field as well as on the field. FCIAC Player of the Year is such a great honor, and the individual that wins this award should not only be an excellent athlete but an outstanding student/role model, one who gives back to the community and helps others.

  36. Dave Ruden says:

    Without saying one deserves it more than the other, there’s a lot more than just plain stats in making a comparison. And we tried having the vote count half and a committee vote count half before. It doesn’t work out well if the team that wins the vote loses.

  37. Westhill football fan says:

    based on stats davell blows out shaquan, and shouldn’t even come close to him in votes.this vote will just turn out to be what school has the most students and supporters, and they will just vote by school not by the player and performance. There should be another deciding factor like having the sponsors put a vote in for the player they think deserves it along with, the poll.

  38. Dave Ruden says:

    He didn’t lose votes, other people gained votes and thus he does not have as high a percentage of the vote.

  39. Doe John says:

    Shaquan Howsie was at 19.2% an hour ago and now he has dropped to 17.78% ? How can he have lost votes?

  40. trinette davis says:

    I vote for shaquan Howsie