All-FCIAC Football teams announced

The FCIAC may not have had any football teams playing in championship games this past weekend for the first time ever, but this was a special week for a number of players as the All-Conference teams were announced.

The FCIAC does it a little differently — actually a lot differently — breaking down first and second teams, and honorable mentions, by divisions rather than league-wide.

Pete Stokes of Trinity Catholic, A.J. Albano of Brien McMahon and Marce Petroccio of Staples were the Coaches of the Year for their respective divisions.

Here are the entire teams:

All-FCIAC East 1st Team

Coach of the Year: Pete Stokes, Trinity

QB Jordan Vazzano St. Joseph
QB Vochan Fowler Bassick
RB Christian Bognar Darien
RB Mike Burns Wilton
RB Shaquan Howsie Trinity
RB Nick Lombardo Darien
WR Peter Gesualdi Darien
WR Grady Lynch New Canaan
WR Jake Pelletier St. Joseph
OL Nick DelBouno St. Joseph
OL Dylan Karnedy New Canaan
OL Mike LaSala Wilton
OL Colin McKeown Warde
OL Rob Roehrich St. Joseph
PK John Benalcazar Trinity
DL Connor Buck New Canaan
DL Matt D’Andrea Darien
DL Riley Kinahan Trinity
DL Dale Kirkland Bassick
LB A.J. Brown Bassick
LB Matt Hare St. Joseph
LB Cole Harris New Canaan
LB Andrew Maley Darien
LB Mike Pulaski St. Joseph
LB Michael Root New Canaan
LB Cody Zaro Trinity
DB Shawn Crowell Trinity
DB Ryan Jacob Warde
DB Casey Ouellette New Canaan
DB Brett Phillips Wilton
DB Ian Vandehorn Darien
P Daly Hebert Darien

All-FCIAC East 2nd Team

QB Henry Baldwin Darien
QB Nick Cascione New Canaan
RB Sean Brown Trinity
RB Julian Fyffe Bassick
RB T.J. Gallagher Warde
RB Louis Hagopian New Canaan
RB Randy Palonia Trinity
WR Jack Gilio New Canaan
WR Mark Hirschbeck St. Joseph
WR Weston Wilbur Wilton
OL Luis Acosta Bassick
OL Bobby Erickson New Canaan
OL Joe Fraccaroli Wilton
OL Tommy Gasparino Darien
OL Steve Hashemi St. Joseph
OL Luis MacIntyre Wilton
OL Beau Santero New Canaan
P Zach Bruno New Canaan
DL Zach Allen New Canaan
DL John Rhudy New Canaan
DL Mike Schuchmann St. Joseph
DL Graham Thalacker New Canaan
LB Matt Brown Darien
LB David Deleo Trinity
LB Julian Jean Bassick
LB Kurtis Mudre St. Joseph
LB Myles Ridder Darien
DB Mike DiCosmo New Canaan
DB Max Garrett Warde
DB Neno Meritt Trinity
DB Lars Pedersen St. Joseph
DB Jon Prutting St. Joseph
DB Jihad Whitaker Bassick
DB Jackson Whiting Darien
DB Brian Wiegand Darien

All-FCIAC East Honorable Mention

WR Chitunga Chesenga Bassick
WR Claude Desir Bassick
OL Jean Phillippe Bassick
DB John Reed Darien
DB Kenny Rene Bassick
OL Ben Sickinger Darien
DL Peter Baran New Canaan
QB Teddy Bossidy New Canaan
RB Frank Cognetta New Canaan
LB Thomas Costigan New Canaan
WR Cole Turpin New Canaan
OL Tom Adzima St. Joseph
OT Pete Mestre St. Joseph
WR Denzel Moscuva St. Joseph
DL Pat Keneally Trinity
QB Dan O’Leary Trinity
OL/DL Ahmed Hourani Warde
RB/S Kerven Jaques Warde
WR/DE Brian Kerrigan Warde
WR/LB Dan Skelton Warde
OL/LB Tom Ward Warde
LB Griffin Bender Wilton
DL Dan Holland Wilton
WR Zack Laurinaitis Wilton
DB Andrew Sakamoto Wilton

All-FCIAC Central 1st Team

Coach of the Year: A.J. Albano McMahon

QB Connor Rowe Ridgefield
QB Matt White Ludlowe
RB Will Bonaparte Ridgefield
RB Trevon Forney McMahon
RB Kyle Jordan McMahon
RB Tomar Joseph Norwalk
WR Sam Gravitte Ridgefield
WR Jahaad Williams Harding
TE Stephan Zadravec Ludlowe
OL Andrew Barton Ridgefield
OL Rodrigo Denapoli Stamford
OL Sam Murphy Ludlowe
OL Andre Rodriguez McMahon
PK Nicholas Briganti McMahon
DL Matt Hargrove McMahon
DL David Harris Ludlowe
DL James Pace McMahon
LB Frankie Colandro Stamford
LB Kyle Dammeyer Ludlowe
LB Reggie David Harding
LB Danny O’Brien McMahon
LB Tristan Opdahl Norwalk
DB Mickey Hicks Ridgefield
DB Marc Lerebours Norwalk
DB Aidan Mauro Ridgefield
DB John Pasard Stamford
DB Cameron Webb Stamford
P Victor D’Ascenzo Ludlowe

All-FCIAC Central 2nd Team

QB Tashaun Ballard Harding
QB Ryan Dunn Ridgefield
RB Jimmy Gasper Ludlowe
RB Christian Ghiorzi Ludlowe
RB Stephen Scholz Ludlowe
RB D.J. Smith Harding
WR Dan Santella Ludlowe
TE John Mullery Ridgefield
OL Evan Adams Norwalk
OL Lucas Goff Ridgefield
OL Danny Medico McMahon
OL Jose Rodriguez McMahon
OL Andrew Starr McMahon
DL Jake Garrell Ludlowe
DL David Gillette Stamford
DL Rich Mathes Ridgefield
LB Kyle Cavalea Ridgefield
LB Brian Gayle McMahon
LB Kenneth Keen McMahon
LB Lance Lauture Norwalk
LB Chris Mirra Ridgefield
DB Jalen Brown Stamford
DB Ryan Davis McMahon
DB Danny Jahab Norwalk
DB Timo Muro Ridgefield

All-FCIAC Central Honorable Mention

OL David Hall Harding
OL Lou Holiday Harding
DT Stephon Ogrinc Harding
LB Tyshantae Williams Harding
OL/DL Dylan Claiborne Ludlowe
OL/DL Alex Gorsuch Ludlowe
WR/DB Tommy Howell Ludlowe
RB/DB Sal Loris Ludlowe
QB Matt Downey McMahon
LB Tim Hinton McMahon
DL Allan Leonard McMahon
DB Kentrell Snider McMahon
OL Brendan Hanzlik Norwalk
OL Thomas LaRosa Norwalk
RB/LB Jim McInerney Norwalk
TE/DL Luke Sweeney Norwalk
RB/LB Micky Carbone Ridgefield
WR/DE Andrew Chuma Ridgefield
OL/DL Tim Cozens Ridgefield
TE/DE Victor Fernandez Ridgefield
FS Tamarie Sterling Stamford

All-FCIAC West 1st Team

Coach of the Year: Marce Petroccio Staples

QB Jack Massie Staples
QB Liam O’Neil Greenwich
RB Mark Bernstein Greenwich
RB Davell Cotterell Westhill
RB Alex McMurray Greenwich
RB Ryan Pearson Trumbull
RB Joey Zelkowitz Staples
WR Corey Chaffee Danbury
WR Vincent Ferraru Greenwich
WR James Frusciante Staples
WR Jose Melo Greenwich
WR Mike Williams Trumbull
TE Joe Kelly Greenwich
OL Alex McGee Greenwich
OL Will Patrick Staples
OL Chris Speer Staples
OL Ryan Vaughn Staples
DL Kevin Contreras Central
DL Vincent Deramo Central
DL Peter Hoets Staples
DL Jared Levi Staples
DL Andrew Marino Trumbull
DL Jack Wynne Greenwich
LB Dan Claromi Greenwich
LB Ka’ron Danzy Danbury
LB Nick Jiminez Westhill
LB Ryan Keklik Trumbull
LB Lance Lonergan Staples
DB Nick Kelly Staples
DB Austin Longi Greenwich
DB Taylor Olmstead Greenwich
DB Sean Remondino Westhill
P Yveson Cassamajor Westhill

All-FCIAC West 2nd Team

QB Xavier Hardison Central
QB Nick Roberts Trumbull
RB Patrick Lesch Staples
RB Tim Longo Westhill
OL Burim Trdevaj Staples
OL Bob Decker Greenwich
OL Andrew DelCarmine Greenwich
OL Will Polito Trumbull
OL Chris Soule Westhill
OL Nick Spano Greenwich
OL Jason Thach Danbury
OL Nick Ward Staples
PK Jesse Adleberg Greenwich
DL Patrick Callahan Greenwich
DL Moise Francillien Westhill
DL Jack Harrington Greenwich
DL Deondrick Lavine Westhill
LB Brian Book Staples
LB C.J. Jones Westhill
LB Kevin Kearney Staples
LB Andrew Louis Central
DB Elijah Duffy Danbury
DB Sean Dunster Greenwich
DB Mike Longo Greenwich
DB Dan Paolino Trumbull
DB Nick Pulitano Greenwich
DB Greg Strauss Staples

All-FCIAC West Honorable Mention

OT Devon Louis Central
RB Mykel Morris Central
DB Marcus Moss Central
RB Keyshaun Thomas Central
OL Juwan White Central
WR Corey Acosta Danbury
DL Marlon Black Danbury
LB Eric Henry Danbury
TE Tristan Jakobson Danbury
OL Andrew Keilty Danbury
OL Andrew DelCarmine Greenwich
DB Sam Latto Greenwich
DL Rich Eldh Staples
WR Will Johnson Staples
RB Zach Speranza Staples
CB T.J. Hayduk Trumbull
CB Liam Moore Trumbull
DL Ronnie Griggs Westhill
LB Dennis Hart-Lima Westhill
OL Mike Vigliotti Westhill