Humility one reason Vikings, so far, are better than advertised

Westhill's Jeremiah Livingston goes in for a layup Tuesday night against Norwalk.

For one of just two remaining unbeaten teams in conference play, Westhill has received little buzz as we near the midpoint of the FCIAC basketball season.

There are currently six schools with either zero or one loss overall, and the Vikings (6-1) have generated the least amount of buzz of them all.

How come? The Vikings got very little attention in the preseason, they don’t have a superstar and their wins are not always pretty.

In Westhill’s one matchup against a contender, it lost by 17 points to Bassick in a non-league game.

While I’m not buying into the Vikings as a championship contender just yet, there is a lot to like about them. Against Harding on Friday night, they struggled with turnovers. On Tuesday against Norwalk, they weathered a 22-3 run. Westhill still found a way to win both games.

The Vikings have little height, but they play taller than their size, keeping rebounds alive on the boards and then finding a way to get to loose balls. They’re still prone to problems handling the ball, but thus far have compensated with a stifling defensive effort that is becoming their trademark.

Take away the 78-60 loss to the Lions and Westhill is allowing just under 52 points in its wins.

Most impressive is the roster is comprised of very likable players with little ego and good chemistry.

Case in point: Friday night C.J. Donaldson, a sophomore, made the game winning basket against Harding. Throughout the paper I had his last name as Davidson. I was corrected via social media, but since I copied the roster out of the scorebook, I was certain it was spelled wrong there and that was the reason for the mistake, which I verified Tuesday night.

Still, I felt bad about the situation and after Tuesday’s game sought out Donaldson, apologized for the error and told him the reason behind it. Donaldson smiled, said it didn’t bother him and then uttered the same words he did after the Harding game, “All I care about is the win.”

That attitude sums up the team. Players care about wins not publicity.

It has carried the Vikings to a great start and, one suspects, will be the intangible that leads them to a successful season.

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5 Responses

  1. love fciac says:

    Yes I love that kid CJ Donaldson what good a player he will be for Coach White and Westhill for the next three years. I watch Westhill play last week they are for real what aa good time. They play together and they look like they’re having fun. Once again good job Coach White

  2. anonymous says:

    CJ Donaldson is a star in the making and will be the next great point guard / shooting guard like Craig Austrie to come out of Stamford and its outstanding youth basketball program. So many of these kids (i.e. Austrie, Wheeler, Donaldson, Skoparantsos, etc) have played Stamford Youth and are products of a great youth program with fine coaches.

    I agree with the sentiment about Coach White at Westhill. These players are taking the next step under his guidance. Also, the Stamford High team will have a huge bounce back year next year as Danny Melzer is another great example of a kid who grew up in town and will do a great job. Melzer just needs the talent, once he gets it watch out for the Black Knights !!

  3. love fciac says:

    Hey I’m knocking any young coaches at all but coach White have been coaching for the last 10 years at Westhill High School and he took his lumps as well. All im saying is he a good coach. Those others coaches will have time there to improve their team either now or in the near future. Good luck to your Team

  4. tony says:

    Great Job by White and Nieves so far with this team. Don’t knock the young coaches. Some of them are taking their lumps now but there are some very good young coaches in the FCIAC right now.

  5. love fciac says:

    Coach White does not get the credit he deserved I think he one of the better coach left in the FCIAC. It not easy coaching kids today. Meaning the players today do not understand the real game of basketball. He doing a very good job with the players he have at Westhill High School not one superstars just roll players. My prayers are with you Coach White