Poll: What is the FCIAC’s best sports rivalry?

If you’ve spent anytime following my opinions over the years, you know I have always considered the New Canaan-Darien Thanksgiving football game the best rivalry in the FCIAC in any sport.

And if you’ve spent even five minutes on Twitter over the last 24 hours, you know that I’ve changed my mind, and now consider No. 1 to be Trinity Catholic and St. Joseph in boys basketball.

You can read my reasons why here.

Which led me to ask our sports staff and readers today: What is the best sports rivalry in the FCIAC? I still believe the two mentioned above are clearly 1-2. I got a lot of interesting suggestions that I ruled out: everything between Darien and New Canaan, as well as intracity games, which are natural, but often don’t pit teams with longstanding success, which I believe is a key ingredient. Wilton-Ridgefield in football and hockey just missed the cut.

In the end I decided on five that pit teams with longstanding traditions, consistent excellence and, well, don’t necessarily like each other: Trinity Catholic-St. Joseph boys basketball, New Canaan-Darien football, Staples-Greenwich football, Danbury-Staples boys track and New Canaan-Greenwich girls tennis.

And if you don’t agree, you can pick the “Other” category and leave a comment with your choice. (PLEASE: keep the comments clean or I will remove and close them off.)

So you have until noon on Sunday to decide: What is the FCIAC’s best sports rivalry?