Fan Showdown Video Entry: St. Joseph’s Kahlil’s Kingdom

St. Joseph's Kahlil's Kingdom

With the voting portion complete, we now turn our attention to the video competition of the 2nd annual Overtime Fan Showdown.

Each of the nine schools involved are required to make a video of no less than two minutes, displaying their fans showing support at a game.

Today we reveal the first entry, from St. Joseph’s Kahlil’s Kingdom, one of the FCIAC’s more renowned fan bases. This video was captured on Tuesday night, when the Cadets’ boys basketball team defeated Norwalk.

A local Burger King even donated over 300 crowns to the Kingdom.

After all the videos displayed, a panel of our sponsors will judge them. The winning school will receive 5 points. Second place is worth 3 points, and third place is good for 1 point. Those totals will be added to the voting portion — Stamford has 5 points, Ridgefield 3 and Norwalk 1 — and we will determine the winner.

The winning school in the Fan Showdown will receive $500 toward its athletic department, with $100 going to the second-place school.

So check out Kahlil’s Kingdom in action and be on the lookout for more videos in the days ahead.